CCRKBA Pulls Support of Toomey-Manchin

The Democrats have pulled the amendment that would restore gun rights non-violent felons, so CCRBKA has pulled their support for Toomey-Manchin. They never should have done this in the first place. You don’t give up something concrete for a promise.

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  1. dshim83 says:

    How much do you think this is just their excuse to backpedal? Good on CCRBKA to realize it f**ked up, but I’m inclined to doubt they would have done so if not for the backlash.

  2. Jacob says:

    Not only that they should have demanded a whole lot more than just restoring rights to non-violent felons. That simply is not enough.

  3. Richard says:

    This is stupid of them. First they bring life back into the gun bill and are hung out by the gun control advocates as an example of compromise. Then they pull out when the amendment that would allow non-violent felons to regain gun rights is removed.

    Headline tonight, “Gun Rights Group pulls support when bill doesn’t restore gun rights to felons. The CCRBKA wants felons to have guns.”

    • Archer says:

      Story here.


      Mark Glaze, the director of Mike Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns said it was clear by Monday that Manchin-Toomey proposal wouldn’t get to 60 votes after the much-sought endorsement of the Second Amendment Foundation brought them no new support.

      By Wednesday, when it was clear to all the vote would fail, the Second Amendment Foundation rescinded its endorsement.

      Makes it sound an awful lot like the CCRKBA/SAF are ineffective, and only pulled their support when the bill was looking about to fail, rather than pulling support when some “key provisions” were excluded. This article paints them as flip-floppy as any “progressive” or RINO.

      I’ve been saying, Gottlieb plays political chess like no other, but I don’t have much faith in his PR skills, especially with a hostile media. Hopefully, this doesn’t bite CCRKBA/SAF too hard; they generally do good, important work.

  4. Countertop says:

    I think they got some bad political advice, and probably had some sort of bribe (ie: major financial donation) offered by Bloomberg type if it passed. And then had the oh shit moment when they realized they sold their soul for a loser deal.

  5. NUGUN Blog says:

    The Gun Banners got what they want. A few A rated Senators and a well respected gun rights group to support them. Then they castrate the bill, and the can wave their flags either way.

    Trick them into supporting, or decry that those NRA bought Senators refused to pass the bill even when other gun groups supported it.

  6. Fred says:

    Not accusing anybody here, just want verification from those who know better. If don’t remenber incorrectly I heard in Gun Talk Radio that Alan Gottlieb himself was a non-violent felon…

  7. great unknown says:

    This is what happens when amateurs play in the big leagues.

    • Andy B. says:

      Your assumption that they are “amateurs” is based on an assumption about what game they are playing. I am reasonably confident that they are true professionals at the game they are actually playing; that in part is demonstrated by, that most people believe they are playing the game they say tell us they are.

    • Agreed, but remember says:

      It was certainly an epic screw-up, which we will always remember, but it probably came out of Gottlieb’s ego and naivete. Does not reflect on Bob Levy or the litigation accomplishments. CCRKBA/SAF’s fatal mistake was in stepping into the lobbying side with total lack of knowledge or finesse. Gotta know your wheelhouse. Yes, what an ignominious fall from grace — but the fallout should not be borne by the litigators.

  8. TigerStripe says:

    My understanding was that he and SAF/CCRKBA helped right the bill. They didn’t know what was or wasn’t in it? That puts him in their with Nancy Pelosi… TS

  9. Jose no pay no more... says:

    I have sent money for years to CCRBKA….they can kiss it goodbye. This whole deal is WORMY.

  10. Sigivald says:

    This just in, via Instapundit from The Hill: Voted on and rejected handily in the Senate.

  11. Motor-T says:

    I truly believe that this was an error on Gottlieb’s part. But I believe it was an honest error. I’d be willing to bet that it is an error he will never make again.
    I will not withdraw support for SAF. They are the reason that the Second Amendment means what it says in courts.
    Everybody screws up. The thing to take note of throughout the Gottlieb affair is that the “gun lobby” doesn’t control the debate. The rank and file gun owner does. This bill / amendment / thing was never supported by gun owners at large. Senators never saw a change in the tide of phone calls.

    We do not receive marching orders from the NRA, CCRKBA, SAF, GOA, USCCA, etc. They march to our drum.


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