Lancaster, PA to Vote on Gun Control Resolution

Some Pennsylvania activists are trying to drum up opposition to a local effort to promote more gun control at the federal level. Lancaster’s City Council is expected to vote on Tuesday to support MAIG & all of their gun control efforts.

A fellow activist shared the email addresses for any Lancaster residents who can’t make it to the meeting to oppose this resolution:

Louise B. Williams, President –
John E. Graupera –
James D. Reichenbach –
Tim J. Roschel –
Todd E. Smith –
Jose E. Urdametz –
Barbara J. Wilson –

The article notes that the resolution is expected to pass. Regardless, it might be worth reminding these council members that municipal elections are this year. An outcry might just make some hesitate.

8 Responses to “Lancaster, PA to Vote on Gun Control Resolution”

  1. David says:

    With election season upon us, it takes money and votes to win an election. It should be the duty of every pro2A voter out there to financially support local pro2a candidates and as well as pro2a candidates in Colorado. Lets show them that we’re more than just some rallies and signs. Let’s show them our financial and political might.

  2. Patrick H says:

    Jeez, in my own back yard. Not surprising, Gray has always been a big anti-gunner.

  3. Art Welling says:

    Lancaster CITY is solidly blue, to a rabid level. Lancaster COUNTY is solidly conservative.

    The mayor of Lancaster city is very busy indeed importing govt folks from large cities… people like the police chief who ‘had to leave’ the Philly police department under questionable circumstances.

  4. Oh crap. So it is happening where you live. Their arrogance is being bolstered by the goings-on in other States. Sorry this is happening, folks. You have my concern.

  5. ursaele says:

    I live in Lancaster City. I would not worry about this at all. This is a meaningless resolution that will have no effect on anything important. These City Council people are all running for reelection un opposed. The Republicans did not even put up any candidates for their primary election at all. The Republicans did not even put up anybody to run for mayor against the Democrat, Mayor Gray. These City Council members all do exactly what may or Grey tell them to do because he pays for their campaigns. Mayor Gray is very busy sucking up to Mayor Bloomberg. Mayor Gray probably wants lots of money from Mayor Bloomberg for Mayor Gray’s future political activities. This whole issue with the resolution is simply a smoke screen that the anti gun people are using in order to distract us.

  6. HappyWarrior6 says:

    Lancaster County… All state reps and two state senators that represent this county are solidly R (though I have my doubts about Smucker sometimes). The only Dem state rep is from… wait for it… Lancaster City. And he’s a solid, committed leftist. I guess that’s the “balance”.

  7. Pyrotek85 says:

    Oddly enough it’s dead simple to get your LTCF at the sheriff’s office here. My renewal took like 15 min and out I walk with my new card.