New Adjudication Bill Introduced by Graham

It would seem to clarify what constitutes a mental health adjudication, but does not concede any ground on private transfers. From the article, it would appear to create a prohibition for someone that uses the “not-guilty by reason of insanity defense” (I didn’t even realize that wasn’t considered an adjudication under current law) and if a person is found by a federal court to be a danger to themselves or others (another thing I thought would have already constituted an adjudication). This doesn’t look to me like it concedes much of anything, since all of these things still require due process, but I’ll hold my judgement until I see an actual bill.

In the mean time, keep calling those Senators, and just tell them no new gun control. I know the negotiations over expanding the background checks broke down earlier, and the Judiciary Committee is voting tomorrow on the other gun control bills. Given the makeup of the committee, I think it’s likely a lot of the bad stuff we’re very worried about is going to hit the floor, and this may end up being used to keep the floor fight going in a direction that doesn’t involve bans on guns, magazines, or private transfers.

7 thoughts on “New Adjudication Bill Introduced by Graham”

  1. My “moderate Repub” Sen Murkowski votes for cloture on the DC Circuit anti-gun judge appt. and my Dem. Senator Begich has now co-sponsored two good pro-gun bills in his first term. He’s also on board with deregulating suppressors and would probably vote to repeal Hughes.

    He votes party on most appointments and such, which is disappointing, but he is a Dem. But, he’s an Alaskan Dem.

    His first term is up in ’14. The Stupubs better run a stellar candidate or I’m going to be seriously tempted to vote for him.

    Anyway, as far as gun rights in detail, if not grand scheme (appointments) go, he’s one to watch.

  2. If Sen Coburn engaged in negotiations to simply run out the clock another week that was pretty clever.

    Right now the passel of bills we’re likely to see come out of committee tomorrow look like the same trash released every year by the “usual suspects,” with the exception of nasty Easter eggs inside some BS “trafficking” bill.

    The current Continuing Resolution expires March 27, and the FedGov shuts down on March 28th without action. The House has passed a bill so it is now up to the Senate to deal with this.

    Brennan’s nomination just got slowed up by a day and Rand Paul stole a news cycle (which will take attention away from the gun grab circus). That is an important confirmation to move forward on.

    The Debt Ceiling is only suspended until May 18, and Congress is supposed to come up with a budget by April 15.

    There is a lot on the Senate’s plate right now. Buying even a week is significant, and slower progress always benefits us as people mobilize and come to their senses.

    1. That’s a really good point. Delaying longer can only help us, as we get further and further from Newtown. Especially with all the other bigger things on the Senate’s plate.

  3. Oh, I also noted that the Blue Dogs are desperately jumping into this like its the last life raft on the Titanic — Begich and Pryor are already shilling for it.

    1. I’d rather they board the life raft Sen. Graham just gave them then hop aboard the sinking SS. Gun Ban.

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