Rumor about NY Safe Act

Two gun owners filed a lawsuit against the SAFE act. Rumor has it the state has been enjoined from enforcing SAFE. As best I can tell this is not the case. The judge handling the case has merely compelled the state to make a case:

The Hon. Deborah Chimes has signed an order against the State of New York and Governor Andrew Cuomo requiring Respondents to appear before the court on April 29th and provide good cause and reasons why the State should not be enjoined from enforcing any pnovision of the assault weapons ban.

That will be the date for a hearing on an injunction. Don’t crack out the shovels and start digging them back up yet, New Yorkers. The law is still in effect by my reading of this.

8 thoughts on “Rumor about NY Safe Act”

  1. Also, these are results from two different suits. The one garnering the pending injunction is for a gun dealer in Chautauqua. The two owner case is in Buffalo. Tresmond’s law firm is busy busy busy.

  2. I must admit I’m a bit worried by this. I would rather have a carefully planned suit brought by the SAF in federal court. I really hope this doesn’t generate harmful precedent.

    1. On what grounds was the suit filed? Equal protection? Common use? There is more than one avenue to defeat this sort of law in court. I’m sure SAF will be very much involved if this gets appealed by either party (which I am certain will happen). Keep your powder dry and show up in Albany to make your voice heard.

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