Quick, Quick, Find Cover…

It looks like New Jersey Democrats are desperate to find political cover for passing gun control since every single time they turn around, it’s people opposed to more gun control who are swarming the State House in Trenton. Having these pro-gun people show up in Trenton doesn’t fit their narrative that everyone in New Jersey clearly wants to regulate the gun culture out of existence, so they have put out a plea to Democratic groups to help them out in pretending that their members are absolutely, without question, motivated primarily by gun control.

One thing that was glaring at this week’s hearing was how vastly gun safety advocates were outnumbered – by about 50 to 1 – by supporters of the NRA and gun manufacturers committed to preventing any new legislation no matter how reasonable. …

The Assembly leadership has asked for a better turnout from the gun violence prevention side for the vote on Thursday.

I love how they basically admit that they aren’t at all motivated on their own concerns to attend, it’s simply to follow the instruction of Democratic lawmakers who need to make it appear as though they have support.

Oh, and if you want to know who else is involved in trying to create a visual of more support for gun control? Obama. Yeah, his team is going to work in every single state – even New Jersey. There is no gun control that’s too extreme for them to push.

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  1. Uhhhh, “…gun safety advocates…”? In my experience, NRA members (and 2nd Amendment Foundation and GOA members, too) are absolutely anal-retentive about firearms safety. Looks like the Lib-Cong are co-opting the language again.

  2. Uh, this may sound strange, but I thought that New Jersey had such tough Gun Control Laws for the last few decades that there wasn’t anything left to regulate? I mean, are they trying to say that “Water isn’t wet enough, we must pass Laws that will make it Wetter!”

    Oh, and Obama is sending out his Goon Squads to Intimidate those Citizens who are exercising their Right to Peaceably Assemble? Hmm. Watch your backs out there. We have PROOF that Anti-Gunners are Violent, especially when backed up by Union Thugs.

    1. NJ is tough but not the worse. I could buy an AR or Sig 556 today (if there was one on a store shelf) with my NJ FID card. Pistols are tougher – you need to go through the permitting process every time.

      There are specifically named “assault rifles” that are banned – including the M-1 Carbine.

  3. I still think it’s all politics. If the Dems can get some bills in front of Christie, he has to sign them and lose all chance at the Republican nomination, or veto them and maybe lose votes this year in his re-election.

  4. This looks like it would be remarkably easy to infiltrate. Depending on who operates the bus, they couldn’t throw you off, or people could just go the stealth route and conceal any signs until arrival. It might go a ways toward breaking up any solidarity they have.

  5. Christie has a huge lead over any Democratic contenders in his re-election campaign. I think he could veto any gun legislation and still have a commanding lead. It’s easy to argue that New Jersey already has just about everything the anti-gunners want. Moreover it would be a lot of fun to watch Christie get into a fight with the Dems over this and would again put him, in the national spotlight.

  6. committed to preventing any new legislation no matter how reasonable

    I dunno – maybe they should try actually submitting “reasonable” new legislation sometime, and see how “we” react to it.

    Not that that’ll happen in New Jersey…

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