Don’t Shoot!

I’d say that’s really funny, but it’s kind of funny in a sad kind of way. That it has come to this. Did you ever get that feeling that you were living with a government that was totally and completely out of control, and you can’t do a damned thing about it, because no one seems to give a shit?

I really want an answer to this question form urban voters, before I agree to be ruled by the likes of them: why do you keep voting for this shit? What are you going to do to punish the people who have created a culture where citizens have to go about in public begging their police department not to shoot them? Don’t you see something very very wrong with this?

And Republicans, what does it say about you, that as a party that purportedly stands for Traditional American ValuesTM, that you’ve been utterly unable to capitalize on moments like this, and perhaps compel urban voters to re-evaluate their political alliances?

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  1. What’s even funny, if you think about it, is that the people who vote for more crappy government, is usually the same people who’s ancestors were oppressed by crappy governments.

    Its sad, because we all want the same rights for them as we have, yet they want to take our rights away.

  2. You can’t really blame people who grew up in social contract societies for thinking that their rights are what the government says they are. In those other countries, that’s true.

    My daughter brought home her first report card, and one of the subcategories was something like ‘understanding how government relates to the people’. I’m very curious what exactly they’ve taught her, because most people, especially younger ones, don’t seem to understand the concept of natural rights and that government ‘secures’ those rights for you, as opposed to granting them in the first place.

    They may not like me when I do my classroom volunteering…

    1. I grew up in NJ thinking that my “rights are what the government says they are”, it’s very pervasive at all levels the indoctrination to servitude to the Govt they want you to believe in.

      I finally realized my rights were being shat on and left NJ moving to PA, only to find that now PA is becoming almost as bad as NJ was in 1990 when I left it.

      1. I hope the people who moved here from NJ for gun rights stay here and help us fight. We can’t let this state become New Jersey.

  3. The free shit voters will always win against the freedom voters in urban areas.

  4. Solipsism, and magical thinking.

    Liberals unashamedly view politics as an opportunity to indulge in escapist fantasy.

    For example, take gun control. Somebody tells you ten times that gun ownership is all about penises and only about penises, and then they have to tell you their passionate opinions about gun ownership – they don’t really care about guns, they just have guns and penises mixed up in their psyche.

  5. I live in CA. I’m a conservative in the very liberal Bay Area. I’m even a (state) gov’t employee. I stay here because I have to. One of my sons is disabled, and there are only 4 hospitals that provide treatment for his type of condition. 1 is in NY, one in NE, one in PA, and the final one is here in CA. I grew up here, my support system is here, the non-extreme weather is here…leaving really isn’t an option. I vote in favor of fiscally conservative ideals, and those that support the constitution. I’m not the only one in my situation, but we’re outnumbered.

    I’ve been reading your site for a long while now, but I can’t figure out what good I can do (very tight budget, just 1 person in a deep blue political area) aside from writing those officeholders (that I voted against — they’re all gunbanning democrats) that “serve” my area. Thoughts??

    1. I would actually think about using this situation as a wedge issue with people. Sometimes talking about the issues that matter most to you isn’t the best way to win converts because those people just don’t care about freedom and accountability the same way that you do. But, something like this where people are being shot just because of their truck – which happens to look nothing like the truck of the wanted person – is usually a pretty good common outrage factor. Point out that nothing is being done to punish the cops who shot at innocent Hispanic women who clearly looked nothing like the manhunt target. They are getting paid to hang out at their desks, and the politicians are ignoring the problem. I don’t know, maybe that messaging doesn’t work, either. If it doesn’t, that’s frightening.

    2. I know the feeling, being a refuge from the Gestapo State of NJ, NY is currently just as bad as Kalifornia so that’s out. NE, I don’t know much about, but relative to what you are living under now PA is awash in freedom and has the facilities you need. Might consider a move if the opportunity arises, took me a few years to get out of NJ after realizing how screwed my rights were there, but it finally all fell into place and I got out of Dodge.

      Never lose hope, there are always options, just have to be aware when they come together to allow you to better your life.

  6. @alexis: I too am stuck here in CA for now. I am making myself a pain to the elected officials about my Second Amendment rights. Joining firearm organizations, donating when possible, talking to our friends and neighbors, that’s about all we can do.

    Liberals believe their own propaganda and changing their minds is a big battle and they are motivated by selfishness so good luck. My final observation of liberals, progressives, and thus many democrats is they hate God. Hard to appeal to them about our natural, God-given right of self-defense, when they despise Him.

    Don’t agree? Abortion, stem cell research, lax penalties for criminals, celebration of sexual perversion and homosexuality, attacks on Christianity, but acceptance of islam which is the anti-Christ religion, and so on. Don’t seem interested in God.

    1. While I don’t disagree with your statement, I would point out that plenty of secular libertarians mock God and/or religion in general every chance they get but generally don’t feel the need to impose draconian laws on the rest of us.

  7. Republicans can’t capitalize on things like this because victories are won through entertainment media, not through thoughtful discussion, and Republicans are unwilling to be in the entertainment business. I think Republicans with money would rather spend it on political campaigns that don’t work, rather than invest it in making movies and music that would actually give a return on investment. The left wins because the left despises capitalism, but they are good at it. The right? Not so much.

  8. “I really want an answer to this question form urban voters, before I agree to be ruled by the likes of them:”

    Unfortunately, unless we can do something worthwhile in the next election or two to prove we still have some teeth and aren’t just a bunch of angry people posting photoshopped, snarky pictures on FaceBook and then either not voting or dividing our vote with Ron Paul … they neither feel the need to answer any questions or care about your agreement. Answers to questions are unnecessary when agreement can be violently coerced.

    1. What’s this have to do with any candidate? If you want to vote for gun rights then vote for the best candidate who supports gun rights. The guy who lost the presidential race was he weakest of the lot. Hate to tell you but “dividing the vote” isn’t even the problem. The most pro-rights guy didn’t make it to the general election, so lots of people stayed home. Do I agree with staying home? No. And I didn’t. Yeah, i went for Ron Paul in the primary but wanted to see the NRA’s pick win. I have friends who stayed home. I can see why.

      I would argue that we all need to show up in some way, whether its becoming a committeeman/woman, handing out palm cards, whatever. Heck, this isn’t limited to politics. Open a gun shop. Teach someone new to shoot. Get involved in your gun club. The next time there is a threat (and it will come every year) we need to keep the culture at “over my dead body” on new gun laws.

  9. I live in a very urban area of St. Louis, MO.
    I’m surrounded by yuppie college leftists and thugs.
    It seems so strange to me that they both want bigger government.

    I show up and vote every single time, even if it means surrounding myself with the scummy people voting their rights down the drain.

    I think the young liberal college students are brainwashed from their Marxist professors (I went to college in St. Louis and know firsthand how badly they try to brainwash their students in subtle, but effective ways). They truly think that gun control will make them safer.

    I think the thugs show up and try to vote other peoples rights away so that it’s easier for them to prey on the common citizens.

    Either way, the only thing keeping this dilapidated shit-hole of a city from becoming as dangerous as Chicago is that the rural population outweighs the inner cities and our state gov stays red. Which means the general population can still protect themselves under the 2a.

  10. We will not get an answer, and even if we did, most of them are ok with such actions. It is for officer safety and to keep us all safe and AMERICAN IDOL IS ON!

    There is no room for reason with a lot of those voters (if they even exist — look at Philly’s fraud issues…). The only things I can see that make sense are (1) aggressively targeting voter fraud, (2) containment to prevent liberals from fleeing their financially-imploding blue states to contaminate more rural areas and (3) finding ways to retain political power through splitting up electoral votes, gerrymandering rural districts, etc. That is all damage control, though.

    The only real resolution I see to the urban voter problems are:
    1) Redrawing state borders. For example, throw Philly in with NYC and the crap parts of NJ, and tack Upstate NY onto PA or VT/NH. This has only happened in times of war (Maine 1812, WV Civil War).
    2) Enforcing strict Constitutional limits as the “ground rules” for society. We’d need more specifics on things like maximum tax rates or codification of “common use” for firearms first though. Liberals believe the Constitution means anything they want it to, at the state and federal levels, so it needs to be specific.
    3) Decentralization to County government. I don’t see the overlords in Cali granting autonomy to red counties, though.
    4) Significant depopulation of urban areas reducing their voting sway. This is unlikely though because even as cities decay and jobs go away, the welfare system allows places like Chicago to retain a huge number of liberal urban voters.
    5) Balkanization. Red staters go to Red States and “encourage” liberal urban refugees fleeing California taxes to GTFO and go back to where they came from. Liberal urban elites “encourage” redneck gun owning constitutional conservatives to GTFO (SWAT raids will likely do that).

    The problem is one party rule in red states can be destructive too.

    I’m pretty pessimistic these days about the odds for a significant turn around. With the media and educational institutions firmly in the hands of liberals, the political issues we are seeing are just symptoms of a larger problem. I mean… Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada are going blue? Texas and Montana may be turning purple? I see it in Alaska, although luckily AK is too cold for most hippies, but Californication is a serious problem.

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