Shall Issue Bill in Illinois

I got language for it last night, but did not have time to read through it in detail and run through what it all would mean. Fortunately, John Richardson has done all the work so I don’t have to. It’s a better bill than I would have expected, and hopefully it’ll pass clean. You can bet there will be an attempt to attach Rahm’s laundry list to it.

5 thoughts on “Shall Issue Bill in Illinois”

  1. I skipped over it as I was printing it[62pages], and as I’am not a lawyer I probably won’t understand a lot of it when I do read it.

  2. I’m hearing that it is a combo of classroom and range competency required. How many states have that? My local range did a class for UT/FL and I think it was classroom only (those states are supposedly highly reciprocal, right?) I am assuming there are quite a few without this additional hurdle.

    I like it, even though it is probably more complicated than lots of states.

    Also, it overrides local laws in Chicago, but who knows what will be in the final version..

  3. It’s very very similar to Michigan’s 2001 shall issue law, with our preemption being a bit better.

  4. If this goes through then that’ll be all 50 states.

    And that’ll make DC the odd duck out.

    And more focus would fall onto May Issue, especially States that are dejur may issue but are defacto no issue.

    It makes a pointed question on what makes the handful of May Issue states so “special”.

    And Illinois going shall issue would bring Shall Issue / Constitutional Carry states up from ~70% of the US population to ~75%

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