Character Assassination of Gun Owners

The hack job that MSNBC engaged in to disparage Connecticut gun owners was a big topic yesterday on Cam & Company. Now the Daily Caller is covering it, in addition to Twitchy. The purpose here is to make gun owners and Second Amendment advocates look like fringe whack jobs and nasty brutes who bully victims of gun violence. Remember, they do hate you because you’re a gun owner, and stand up for your rights.

2 Responses to “Character Assassination of Gun Owners”

  1. jdrush says:

    This is part of the “Conversation about Guns.” Gun owners and gun rights advocates are not supposed to be heard.

  2. JasonC says:

    65% of rural Republicans own guns, and 58% of suburban Republicans. Only 20% of urban Democrats own guns – at least legally. The only demographic that owns guns at Republican like rates among Democrats is veterans – 58%.

    Meanwhile, the areas with the most homicides are central cities, with the strongest gun control and the most heavily Democratic partisan affiliations in the country.

    Whenever a group splits by 40 points and one party attacks that group, you know it has nothing to do with policy, and everything to do with politics.