Reports of Thousands Turning Out in Connecticut

From an activist group on Facebook, we’ve been getting photos of the lines forming to attend today’s gun control hearing. I have permission to share them here, and I’ll include the time stamps.

The person on the ground reports that overflow crowds were filling at least 5 different hearing rooms.

11 Responses to “Reports of Thousands Turning Out in Connecticut”

  1. countertop says:

    Assume these are activists on our side?

    Would appreciate reports on how the state legislators are reacting.

  2. MattW says:

    I too hope they are pro-RKBA activists, but either way it’s good to see people getting active in the legislative process.

  3. Bitter says:

    From what the source has indicated, the vast, vast majority are pro-gun. He says that even with 5 hearing rooms full, there are still more in line to come in.

  4. countertop says:

    And it’s worth complimenting Connecticutf or actually allowing the public a chance to engage directly in the issue rather than the Andrew Cuomo approach.

  5. terraformer says:

    Yeah Boy!

    Nice to see. I am glad CT residents stepped up. NY pols have to be crapping in their pants right now for misreading this issue.

    • Harold says:

      Connecticut has de facto shall issue, their AW ban is silent on magazine length … they aren’t even vaguely comparable states. Mostly a pseudo, In Name Only anti-gun state. Yeah, you do have to get a certificate or something to buy a handgun and long guns have 2 week waiting periods, but they don’t have the stuff that really bites.

      Yet. And if The People can stop more gun control in the state (no idea on the probability of that), the gun grabbers will be rather demoralized.

  6. Matt says:

    Good. Here’s hoping we get comparable turnouts in Annapolis on the 6th to kill off the gun ban and grab they are proposing here.

    • Patrick says:

      Rally Details:

      Location: “Lawyer’s Mall” outside the statehouse.

      Time: 1100-1300 local

      Hearings on gun control start in the Senate at 1300. It will be a good show. We encourage everybody to sign up to testify – get your voice heard!

      We need strong turnout. This is the main event. Don’t miss it.

  7. mike123 says:

    Once we push back on the anti-gun bills, then we push to end the gun-free zones.

    Punch Back Twice As Hard.

  8. Gunnutmegger says:

    Whoops, posted this in the wrong thread.

    I was at the hearing in CT. The write-up is here:


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