You’ll Have to Pardon My Slow Posting Today…

Sebastian is busy at work, so I’m supposed to cover the relevant news for the blog. However, I might take a little longer than usual. See, I had to drop my car off for state inspection and some recall work this morning. While I waited on Sebastian to pick me up, I had to suffer through listening to what networks call “morning news.”

Is anyone shocked why this country is full of idiots? I’m pretty sure I lost more brain cells just being in the same room as that television than I have will all of my years of drinking combined. I actually witnessed the first 26 seconds of this Fargo clip in the waiting room when a woman pulled out her knitting project and had that mindless grin/stare at the “antics” of the morning news crew as they debated how tough it was to get through their month-long challenge of not chugging down alcoholic drinks on set while they worked.

To give you an idea of just how intolerable it was to hear such mindlessness, I found it better to go wait on Sebastian outside. I should add that the temperature was 18 degrees with a windchill of 6. I had no hat or gloves, just a leather jacket. It was preferable to witnessing the horror of watching people staring at the tv with glee and wonder. At least I had a little faith that maybe the people on their cell phones were looking at something more stimulating.

The time spent in that waiting room makes me more appreciative of the time I spend engaged in civic groups. Whether it’s phone banking for a campaign, planning for the next Friends of NRA event, or even engaging in serious discussions on here, today gave me a new appreciation for just how few people are even interested in understanding the world around them in a serious way.

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  1. I have been known to turn off the TV in waiting rooms. Just wait until no other customer is there or watching it. Employees never say a thing because I am a customer.

    1. There are relatively covert devices you can buy that will send out all the “off” infrared codes known to man for this purpose. Here’s just the first one I found on Amazon using “tv off” for the search (note Amazon has the worst search function of all major on-line stores that I use, you may have to get creative or energetic to find others).

  2. I have a similar aversion to sitcoms. Yesterday, I had to sit through a part of one from the Disney Channel, which was being watched by a family that had come in while I was reading something on my tablet. (Thus, I felt obligated not to turn off the TV.)

    The antics that pass for “funny” on sitcoms almost never fail to cause me to cringe. Yet, people enjoy this stuff! I don’t understand it. Well, I understand it a little: I remember enjoying “Saved by the Bell” as a young person, but over time, I came to despise it…beyond being a young person who finds even the stupidest jokes as funny, however, I can’t understand why people subject themselves to such banality.

    1. For years I’ve experienced the phenomenon, that there are some sitcoms I can watch, and even laugh my ass off at some of the humor, but when they’re over, I feel creeped out and never want to watch them again. Most often it is because I dislike the characters, even if I can’t help but laugh at some of the humor.

      Also, having been a kid, raised two kids, and now having two grandkids, I’ve found there is something psychologically disturbing about most latter day cartoon characters, at least for me. Something about the way they’re drawn.

  3. “I had to drop my car off for state inspection. . .”

    As an erstwhile historian for many of the things I’ve lived through, if I ever dig deep enough I’ll have to give you a copy of the c. 1981 study, produced by Pennsylvania state itself, that concluded that auto inspection accomplished nothing at all except to separate state consumers from about $350 million [in 1981 dollars] a year.

    Having concluded that, the response was to keep it, and add auto emissions inspection to the mix. As the governor explained it at the time, “Pennsylvanians are used to it.”

    It’s seemed to me there are some firearms issues analogies in that story, but that’s another essay.

  4. American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, and Survivor now is what is important. Nothing else matters. By the way does anyone know when my weed dealer is getting out of jail?

  5. I can’t take watching TV anymore, I quit watching TV three years ago and don’t miss it. When I’m at a waiting room or the laundromat I put on my headphones and listen to music loud enough to drown out the TV.

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