Assault Legislation Appears in Connecticut

I suppose we all knew this was coming. I do believe these people mean to destroy shooting in their Northeastern enclaves. They don’t want to associated with icky gun owners and their icky guns. As I mentioned, this is cultural, and doesn’t have anything to do about reducing violence.

BTW, Part II of that link above will come soon. It’s still kind of stewing, and with having to go to the dentist this morning, it’s not going to be today. But soon. Good news is I don’t have to see the dentist for another six months. I just saw him a month or so ago, as I have nearly every month since my last six month checkup. But all caught up now.

One thought on “Assault Legislation Appears in Connecticut”

  1. None of the bills we’ve seen have anything to do with “violence”, only with possession. Their interest is solely in disarming people, and no one who wants you defenseless has good intentions.

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