Eastern Sports & Outdoors Show Loses Major Sponsor

Just a few minutes ago, Cabela’s announced that not only are they not going to attend the Eastern Sports & Outdoors Show because of their ban on modern sporting firearms, but they have also pulled out of their top sponsorship agreement.

With that news, Sebastian and I have decided in the last few minutes that tomorrow would be a lovely day for a drive to our nearest Cabela’s to buy a few things we don’t actually need. We’ll also send a short and polite note to the manager to let them know of our appreciation for their decision.

UPDATE: The interesting thing will be to see if The Outdoor Channel will continue to keep up their sponsorship agreement with the ESOS. They are the only other top sponsors with specific financial interests at stake with ESOS’s new ban on modern rifles.

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  1. Right On !!! My gun-partner friend and I are going to drive up to the Hamburg, PA Cabelas and get out the credit cards! I don’t really “need” anything gun-related at the moment, but one can never have too many cleaning patches, too many bottles of Hoppes #9, and too many sling swivels… And, we will follow your lead and give a note to the Manager to let him/her know why we are there.

    1. I figured that even if we can’t find anything we can actually use, we can pick up a box of fudge that we really really don’t need. The markup on that stuff has to be crazy, so I’m assuming that helps their bottom line.

      That said, there are several other PA gun and sporting goods shops that have pulled out, too. If you find yourself near any of them, stop in. Let them know that you’re there to look around specifically because of their defense of the Second Amendment.

      1. Have you ever had their butter flavored pretzel twists? CRACK! (NOM NOM NOM!)

  2. Like anti-gun shows and anti-firing ranges, this is yet another thing the anti’s don’t have…the ability to effectively BUY-cot a business for taking a principled stand.

  3. Lancaster Archery pulled out a few days ago. Maybe I’ll take up Olympic style archery, the ammo shortages may force that move soon.

  4. The Outdoor Channel is owned by InterMedia Outdoor Holdings.

    They publish all of the magazines listed below.

    Florida Sportsman
    Fly Fisherman
    Game & Fish
    Guns & Ammo
    Gun Dog
    North American Whitetail
    Petersen’s Bowhunting
    Petersen’s Hunting
    Rifle Shooter
    Shallow Water Angler
    Shooting Times
    Shotgun News
    Walleye In-Sider

    If you subscribe to any of these please consider canceling your subscription, ask fir a refund for your future issues and donate the money to the Second Amendment Foundation. http://www.saf.org


  5. Ed, Outdoor Channel is not owned by Intermedia…they’ve proposed a merger that won’t be done until March. Intermedia has no influence on Outdoor Channel or its decision to maintain their sponsorship of this event.

    1. Well, at this point if the merger is far enough along you’d expect the Outdoor Channel to consult with Intermedia about this issue. And since we should be giving the Outdoor Channel a little while to decide what to do, longer than average due to the needed consultation, I see no reason to go nuclear on any of them … yet.

      Side note on Cabela’s: they’ve always struck me as a real class act, and it’s a place my family goes to for various relative obscure or hard to get stuff. I suspect we’ll be giving them even more business.

  6. Well done Cabelas! I’ll take another look at your website and see if there is anything that I can spend my money on.

  7. A Cabela’s trip sounds like a good idea actually, I had no plans for tomorrow.

  8. I’d like to track down this facist, capitalist pig from Cabelos…ask for his/her permission to shake their hand and buy them the beverage of his choice!

  9. This is kind of a big deal as Cabela’s was invited to the Biden Industry Arm Twisting meeting.

    Dicks gave in.
    Walmart appeared to waver even more and already does what MAIG asked them to do.
    Cabela’s just gave the finger to VP Biden.

    1. Walmart appeared to waver even more

      Can you provide any specifics to that claim, except for their reversing their initial refusal to attend?

      1. Walmart stopped the sell of ammunition. Agreed not to purchase further ammo. They sold out plain and simple. I’m done with them

        1. I have not come across a single reliable report of this, and note that such a policy would be indistinguishable from what you’d see when you visit them, unless you arrive in the short, probably several hour window after an ammo shipment arrives.

          Everyone is tapped out; Natchez Shooting Supplies just yesterday did an email flier on 7.62 and 5.56 NATO being in stock; the former was belted and from a company I haven’t heard (much) of before, the latter was ATK/Federal’s Independence brand which comes from Brazil.

        2. I agree with Harold. There hasn’t been anything verified about this so-called ammo ban. Even the story that was linked on Drudge about it was pulled down instead of simply updated or corrected. They are being pressured by the Obama administration to play ball with their political plans, but there’s no evidence that Wal-Mart is doing that at this point. They are simply sold out of product because everyone is sold out.

        3. My father has a favorite gunsmith who also (re)loads personal defense handgun ammo for sale, 9 mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP. Right now his limiting factor is bullets, he’s on a 4,000 per month of all types schedule at the moment, and is now normally limiting sales to 100 rounds.

          BTW, another sign that we are seeing New Things: his gun smithing business, which is normally pretty paltry (one reason he got into reloading), is now taking all of his time during the day, lots of people are coming out of the woodwork to get problems with their guns fixed. (He then spends part of the evening/night loading, although obviously that’s not as demanding since by my math he can do no more than an average of 133 rounds/day.)

          Through him or from another source, my father heard the rumor that at a local Wal-Mart the ammo that comes in never hits the shelves, the guy who receives it tells his friends when it comes in and they buy all of it on the spot. Not sure if I believe this, it isn’t good policy for a store, but that it’s a general rumor we’re hearing says something.

  10. I cannot believe the big dealers already refusing to send ammo orders to NYS. Even though this part of “Psycho Andy’s” Law doesn’t take effect until 2014. I don’t know how long this takes but this and Obomination/Bidrat’s idiocy. In Washington we stand more than a good chance but Psycho Andy’s was slapped together and signed into law in the mass hysteria created in Newton CT.

    1. Well … how do the big dealers know that? They know this messy, full of errors and unintended consequences law was passed in the middle of the night and that it does outlaw mail order ammo, but to know when, to be sure enough that they aren’t going to jail or face a damaging or ruinous lawsuit, they’d have to spend money on lawyers. Either ones who’s have to run up the bill to become familiar with NY law, or ones from NY.

      When everything they can get is pretty much instantly sold … and may well be so through most or all of 2013, it’s a pretty easy decision as to where they should allocate their energy and money.

  11. I have been a long time customer of Cabelas! And I am PROUD to Thank You For Your Support for the Second Amendment!!! I know where I will be spending my Income Tax Refund This Year!!! Keep up the Good Work!!! Don E.

  12. Can’t wait to spend good sum of money at the new Cabelas store being built in Anchorage. I’ll stand by this store and then some!! Cabelas reflects the values of true Americans everywhere standing up against the tyranny of libtards, liberal media, foreign influence on traitors in this country. I believe in the US Constitution, I believe in the Bill of Rights, I believe in the Declaration of Independence, I definitely believe in the 2nd Amendment rights!! Molon Labe you traitors!! Bring it…

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