Thanks AP

I guess even the AP is getting tired of journalists mixing up clips with magazines. Their style guide on Facebook notes:

AP Style tip: A magazine is ammunition storage, feeding device within or attached to firearm. May be fixed or detachable. It is not a clip.

Yes, thank you!

13 thoughts on “Thanks AP”

  1. Well there goes our instant litmus test as to whether or not a reporter knows their ass from a hole in the ground.

    Well, at least we still have the “are their lips moving?” test to determine it.

  2. Shhh! I was really hoping that an executive order would actually ban “high capacity magazine clips”, as CNN predicted last night, and NPR predicted this morning. Personally, I don’t see why anybody needs to have more than 7 magazines per clip.

    1. Errr, this is of course not true of STANAG magazines, but my SIG 55x magazines per their original design clip together with extrusions on the sides. Since I own more than 7, such a law would force me to file those off….

  3. Now if only they will correct people on the difference between a machine gun and a semi-auto we might actually get some fair reporting done.

    1. Just yesterday while I was waiting for my car being serviced, I explained that difference to another customer as we watched TV. He said that he had guns and hunted, but that they oughta get those automatics off the streets. I told him that he was being lied to by the media, and explained these guns were no different than his hunting rifles, except they were dressed up as military wannabes. I don’t know if it took with him. It didn’t with my mother-in-law.

      1. The big problem you have is that people want to do something, and if they don’t own any guns affected, it’s no skin off their backs. They get to feel better, and someone else gets to take the fall.

        1. So, divide and conquer against gun owners is a strategy that works. Great! Grand!

      2. I think another good point to make would be this: how many “hunting rifles” were the “assault rifles” of yesteryear? In addition to that, using the AR platform for hunting has been growing in popularity. The line between “hunting rifle” and “military rifle” is very fuzzy, indeed!

        And gun banners are looking to exploit that fuzziness to their benefit…

  4. If this is true about Manchin leaving the Senate to take the Interior post then this would be good news to an emboldened GOP that could seize on his turncoat behavior on gun rights. Even though the governor, who will be nominating his replacement, is a Democrat, hopefully he knows what’s best for the WV Democrat party as well. This and Rockefeller leaving could be a game changer by 2014 if the GOP actually wants to seize on opportunity. Manchin showing his true colors at this point in the game could actually be a win for gun rights in a sadistic kind of way.

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