You Don’t Say?

From Bloomberg, of all outlets:

Support for stricter U.S. gun laws hasn’t jumped as fast or as far in recent weeks as many liberals had hoped and expected. If you’re wondering why, maybe the reason is the shakiness of the public’s trust in government itself.

Give the man a cigar. I think he gets it.

4 thoughts on “You Don’t Say?”

  1. I think his message to liberals is also very on target, even though none of them will listen to his very valid point:

    Amid such ineptitude, “Trust us, we’ll protect you,” isn’t a very persuasive case to make to the tens of millions of Americans who have guns — often very powerful ones — in their homes. And directing fury at gun owners for their lack of trust isn’t likely to increase their faith in government.

    Mix that in with the threats and rage we see with many individuals speaking out on gun control, and they wonder why we don’t want them in charge of our safety. He cites the Donald Kaul column that suggests torturing and killing opponents for merely disagreeing with his policy suggestions and then Kaul wonders why gun owners don’t trust someone who thinks like that to appropriately protect their families or American values.

  2. They just lost again in Illinois. The judiciary committee has adjourned without allowing the bill to pass to the House floor. The chairperson specifically mentioned the grassroots efforts in the decision to halt this bill from moving forward.

  3. The government is surely inept but that isn’t the main problem. There is only one person guaranteed to be there when the SHTF. That is you. The problem is physics not competence. Would anybody here support gun confiscation if they perceived the government to be competent? I think not.

    1. No, I doubt anyone here would. But the late problems with our ruling elites might have convinced more than a few people that gun control isn’t the answer.

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