13 thoughts on “This is What Democracy Looks Like”

  1. First read the video title as “Nekritz pulls gun on legislation” and expected a very different video.

  2. She SAID the bill would not be introduced for the remainder of the session; however, I would remind you that ‘Bama said he supports our 2A rights. I’ll believe this is truly dead and beyond resurrection when this session is over.

    Eternal vigilance, my friends.

  3. Sebastian,
    I found your blog to be the most informative and the most up to the minute source on the Illinois gun bans out there on the wild wild web.

      1. Thought you had a direct tap somewhere.

        However, I’m not in Illinois. I’m a California inmate, and I was watching this bill as the very first of an unfortunately long line of potential bills: both state and Federal. If the Chicagoland Dons had won, the antis would have had tremendous momentum. This apparent loss hurts them quite a bit.

        Our California Loonislature meets tomorrow, Monday 07Jan, for the first time with a liberal super-majority in both houses and Flaky Jerry as Governor.

        Pray for us.

    1. Don’t expect to see anything so honest. We are expecting to see them hijack some other bill in a committee hearing and then rewrite it via amendment and a voice vote. It won’t be announced and you won’t know which bill they will use.

      They have a habit of doing this on legislation they don’t want people to oppose in organized fashion. They get to take the first steps – getting through committee – without any citizen knowledge or involvement.

      They have done this with guns bills, and even by creating a “Computer Services Tax” a few years back. All when nobody was watching. But in all cases we have fought back hard and (so far) won.

      This year is going to be a tough one. Please keep watching at the MSI website and please be ready to move. Soon.

  4. This is also what counting your chickens before they’re hatched looks like. Words are cheap.

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