Happy New Year!

As we look forward with optimism dread for the new year, let us hope for the best. It is time for resolutions, and my public resolution to do what I can to stop what’s coming.

The ultimate problem of the Internet is that all politics is local, so calls for action on the Internet are important, but when it comes to stopping what’s coming our local clubs, gun shops, shooting ranges, gun shows, and shooting matches. I tend to think young people (and when I say young people, I’m including GenX) these local entities and have treated gun culture more as a product to be consumed rather than a form of civil society. The more the civil society aspect of the gun culture weakens, the weaker we get even though our numbers might be growing. This is the root cause of my worry in this current showdown with the White House and the far left, is that we’re winning the culture war, but in places that don’t as easily translate into political action.

I look at this coverage of a lone protester outside of a Denver gun show, and wonder how effective it might be for one or two of us to patrol the line to get in with signs that ask “Have you written your lawmaker yet?” or “Are you registered to vote?” That’s the kind of thing we need right now. I’m also thinking of ideas that might help translate Internet action into local action. I not only want to beat the gun control groups and the White House, I want to come out of this stronger than we went in so we have a platform on which we can build victory after victory.

One Response to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Andy says:

    Well, I do give her respect for using her 1st Amendment rights to voice her opinion, and the gumption to actually get out and voice it. is pretty active down here at the gun shows, so we’re well represented.