The Clackamas Shooting Stopped By Armed Citizen

He held his fire because he was concerned about hitting bystanders, but the shooter saw him and the next bullet the shooter fired was the one he used on himself. These mass shooters are generally cowards. They are not itching for a gun fight, and it’s typical that they off themselves when confronted with someone who has the capability to fight back.

UPDATE: Eugene Volokh looks at the circumstances, and decides there’s much that’s unverified and unverifiable.

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  1. Also puts the lie to the gun-grabbers universal claims about wild “cross fires” if citizens were armed in one of these mass murder in a crowd situations.

  2. Expect the media to bury this news, as much as they buried the news from Tuesday where a Federal court struck down the Illinois ban on carrying a handgun outside the home.

    If I relied only on standard mass media sources for news, I wouldn’t have known about either of these facts. Thanx for posting the link.

    1. I’m open to it being bullshit, but the local news channel found it credible enough to run the story. Not that we haven’t seen the media hoodwinked before, but I’d need to see a counter-story that refutes the one linked to.

    1. Read the linked article. Where in the article that you link does it suggest the person in the article I linked is a liar? I mean, I hold that possibility out there. But apparently the local news channel found it credible enough to run a story.

    2. The story you [bob] linked to is two days older than the story Sebastian linked to. So what is your evidence?

  3. I just watched the video about this armed citizen guy in Oregon who drew his Glock on the mall shooter. It is at the link provided up at the header of this blog posting.

    Nick Meli is his name. Nick Meli is the same age of 22 as Jacob Roberts, the cowardly mall shooter whom Nick Meli had in the sights of his Glock before he decided to not fire, on account of an innocent person being further downrange. I could tell from watching Nick Meli on this video that he is not like many of these other typical 20-somethings these days. Nick Meli came across to me as somebody who is mature, had been raised right, and takes his responsibilities in life seriously.

    Everybody in the pro-Second-Amendment community should learn and remember this Nick Meli’s face and name, because everybody in the gun-grabber community and the lefty, state-controlled media have already done the usual by sending Nick Meli and his story straight down the collective memory hole.

  4. I vaguely remember hearing something on the news tgat there may have been an armed civilian the day of the shooting. But it was quickly nixed and we havent heard anything since. Its the wonderful Obamamedia at its best work! Just like the Iraqi refugee that bombed a federal building, where is the coverage of that? This is our pro-gun argument, they know it so they (the media and liberals) are going to bury it!!

  5. To Bobbie and others who like to blame either the left or right owned media. Watch Alex Jones’, The Obama Deception, it isn’t a left or right thing, like Alex Jones documents, whomever is in power at that moment, the media is used to divide, deceive, confuse and conquer Americans into pointing the finger at each other, instead of seeing the bigger picture. The bigger picture is America is being fleeced by the banksters (trillions stolen in bank bailouts, poisoned by the chemical/pharmaceutical industrial complex … Wake up to see the bigger picture! Good place to start, watch the Obama deception online for free.

  6. This story was never vetted. There is no proof any of it happened & nearly impossible he could have left without the weapon being discovered by police. That is why the police aren’t mentioning it, nor is it being reported by anyone else. Yet the gun fetishists and conspiracy theorists jump all over it. no need for proof!
    This guy either made it up to be a hero, or wanted to live out the ultimate gun owner’s dream, protecting his woman and children from a mass murderer…Unfortunately, saying it doesn’t make it true! No shot fired, no witnesses, he “knew” he made eye contact with a guy wearing a hockey mask at a distance, just as the gunman’s rifle jams and he runs away to fix it, and no pursuit attempted.
    Now some right wing news sites & crackpots are re-posting the story. Not following up, not investigating. Great to know people owning guns are so gullible. Very comforting.

    1. Did you miss the update? Do you want to have a discussion or just come on here and insult people? I thought were were supposed to have a “national dialog on guns.” I haven’t heard much dialog so far, just a lot of shouting at people who had nothing to do with this and name calling.

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