Hickenlooper Says “Time is Right” for Gun Control

The problem is, once they start smelling blood in the water, the sharks come out. For people who live in Colorado what are you going to do about it? Because sitting back and believing someone else will step up is going to result in this coming to pass:

Hickenlooper said the issues that merit discussion include “things like, do we all need assault weapons?” which he said are “designed for warfare” and “designed to pierce bulletproof vests and body armor.”

You’re going to get an assault weapons ban if people don’t step up.

10 thoughts on “Hickenlooper Says “Time is Right” for Gun Control”

  1. And now we have another school shooting to prime the gun-control pump.

    I’m not normally paranoid, but sometimes even I have to question the timing.

    1. I thought the same thing when i read this morning, right before i saw the news, that Michigan was considering eliminating some restricted areas after CCW holders received a bit more training.

    2. And what stops one of these hard core anti’s from being so dedicated to their cause that they will “prove us all wrong”?

  2. Hickenlooper has always been MAIG aligned, going back to when he was mayor of Denver.

    I think one thing Democrats/Progressives confirmed in the last election is that you don’t need to worry about facts and details when making a popular argument, just the memes that get rebroadcast to the uneducated masses. i.e. “Make the Rich pay their fair share” (because them paying the same % as everyone would be unfair, and even 4x more is not yet fair), “War on Women,” and now “Weapons designed for a battlefield.”

    When I go to a shooting range in the Denver Metro area, about 4/5th’s of the rifle slots are semi-automatic rifles, and many gun owners I know who are also Democrat/Obama voters own such rifles. The question is do those Dem’s like their ability to own semi-automatic rifles more than they love “hope and change” liberalism, and would they go so far as to vote Republican to protect them.

    I also am quite certain our two Democrat Colorado Senators, who have generally voted pro-gun, would quickly turn anti-gun if it meant getting through a particular anti-gun bill.

  3. “When you look at what happened in Aurora, a great deal of that damage was from the large magazine on the AR-15 (rifle).”

    I didn’t realize Holmes had killed people by throwing large magazines at them. Or maybe it was that evil aura they have around them. Hey, maybe I’d better get rid of my large magazines. They may kill me, too!

  4. Whenever I hear the phrase “Weapons designed for a battlefield”, I can’t help but think, “What weapons *weren’t* designed for battlefield use?” I know there are a lot, but many of the lever-action, bolt-action, and even semi-automatic weapons used for hunting, were originally designed for battlefield use, but were also found to be fantastic for hunting.

    Heck, the muzzle-loaders that gun-grabbers think should be the only guns that ought to be legal, were the “assault rifles” of their day!

    Now that I think about it, some of those rifles with huge cartridges that gun-grabbers dislike so much, are sometimes the very things that were designed specifically for hunting!

  5. One would hope that with a Republican majority state lower legislature (albeit 33-32) this wouldn’t be a major threat.

  6. Ugh. This shooting is bad bad bad. We are really going to have to be tough to fight new laws.

  7. I think it is worth noting that CT already has an AWB (although there is no limit on magazine size). Therefore, having an AWB in place would not have prevented this tragedy. I think we have much more immediate concerns, such as the ATF ammo thing, although the possibility is not to be discounted.

  8. As a Coloradoan, I really want to know if he/our legislature thinks an AWB would work when we recently legalized marijuana that defies federal law?

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