A Gift to the Birthers

Oh, the joys of Pennsylvania politics already picking up steam so soon after the election:

Ok, Birthers, listen up: You now have a Democrat seeking high office who admits to being born in Kenya.

As far as we know he’s not Muslim or a socialist, but he is, as of Wednesday, running to unseat Republican Gov. Corbett in 2014.

Interestingly, he can’t use the office as a stepping stone to be president since he wasn’t just born in Kenya to American parents. He was born to British parents and only became a US citizen in 1977.

4 thoughts on “A Gift to the Birthers”

  1. Why, that’s a crazy as someone from Canada (a country that hates guns) becoming a gunblogger!

    Hey, wait a minute…

    Why, the next thing you’re going to tell me is that a Brit won the first season of Top Shot!


    1. Yeah, unfortunately, I don’t see any indication that he’s pro-Second Amendment. I doubt we’ll learn anything on the subject unless he actually becomes the nominee and answers questions at that point in time. I will double check though.

  2. “Interestingly, he can’t use the office as a stepping stone to be president…”

    Sure of that, are you? Me – not so much. I’m certain that there are printed copies of the U.S. Constitution hung on rolls in the Congressional Office Building bathrooms…

  3. I’m inclined to ask “where’s the conspiracy?” He isn’t hiding his background, and unless he tries to run for President (or some other office nonresponse by a requirement to be a natural-born citizen), there’s nothing to object to.

    It’s clear that Obama’s birth certificate only became an issue when he ran for President, because that’s the only office where this matters. Incidentally, it was Hillary’s campaign that raised the issue.

    And while I believe that Obama is a natural-born citizen, I can sympathise with Birthers: they want to see the Constitution followed, and various politicians have been deliberately playing with this (including Obama himself), to rile people up on the issue.

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