10 thoughts on “The Calm Before the Storm”

  1. Well, the election is over and now individual state legislatures are counting noses to see what bills they might want to try to pass. Gun rights groups are doing the same. The antis are wallowing in grief because they don’t have any money and don’t see any opportunity to make any gains.

    I did hear that NC, in addition to addressing Restaurant Carry, is likely going to see a Constitutional Carry bill in the new session.


  2. Well, I don’t expect much from the Feds until after the ReAnointment Ceremonies take place. But since there is no chance for an Anti-Gun Bill to make it through the House, all I can see is some Executive Orders being issued.

    1. And of serious consequence those are probably limited to import bans using the GCA of ’68. And in any case they’ll likely come out of the blue.

      Again I claim Obama appears to not particularly care about the culture wars, so I’m not necessarily expecting much from him. His advisers … well they seem to be in reasonable alignment with him.

      Don’t think he cares about damage to the Democrat’s brand; they, not sure. But all of them have a lot on their plates right now, Benghazi, the Middle East perhaps ever more aflame (Syrian being internally focused changes a lot of things, Egypt falling into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood ditto (and running out of food…), the Palestinians are running out of external donations, and of course there’s Iran, plus our general withdrawal from the world and that part of it gives Israel a freer hand), then there’s the short term “fiscal cliff” at the end of this year, regulators going wild, etc. etc.

    1. Actually, the technique is shared email accounts. One party composes an email and then saves it as a draft without sending it. Other parties can log into the email account and check the drafts folder.

      Note that this approach only works when not under scrutiny. E.g. the default info a browser sends to a web server nowadays is often fairly unique, e.g. it tells the server what fonts are loaded in the system so that the server can so if it chooses use the best ones.

      But it’s not a classic conspiracy when you’re in power!

      At the very most, to avoid getting people outside the administration recorded in the official guest registers, they just meet somewhere close by. Otherwise they can just discuss and do it in the normal course of business in their normal offices.

      1. Professor Simon Chapman is the mouthpiece for gun control in Australia and Rebecca Peters mentor. Before he became involved in the gun control movement he was involved in the anti-tobacco movement. Looks like he is going back to his roots.
        He does however advocate legalization of Heroin.

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