Attitudes on Gun Rights

Clearly positive attitudes are not spreading very far and wide among political elites in the Golden State. Says Burke Strunsky, Deputy DA for Riverside County:

But the problem is, the handgun is a lethal weapon–that’s too damn handy.

Yes. Yes it is. Which is why the ownership of a handgun is constitutionally protected.

Laws that mandate a waiting period before buying a gun are well grounded in the fact that humans tend to act impulsively. These waiting periods are wise and necessary. They give people an opportunity to reflect and cool down, to use their heads first and not their handguns.

Because every time I’ve gone to buy a handgun, I’ve been in a huff and angry and itching for some murder. How many people buying a handgun are doing so because someone else is in a huff and angry, like, say an abusive ex-husband? And why do waiting periods make sense at all for someone who already has a gun? Does he imagine this happens: “Sorry, my current handgun is black, but if I’m going to murder my wife, it just has to be stainless. She deserves nothing less!”

8 thoughts on “Attitudes on Gun Rights”

  1. “And why do waiting periods make sense at all for someone who already has a gun?”

    That’s where you trap them in their lies. If it were truly about a cooling down period because people are impulsive, it would only apply to first time buyers. Otherwise their is no excuse for it and it’s obviously about obstructing gun ownership itself.

  2. Textbook projection bias. “I can’t be trusted with a handgun ’cause I’m a bundle of uncontrolled impulses, therefore YOU can’t be trusted with one either.”

    Nope, sorry there Mr. Strunsky, I can. MYOB.

  3. Well … if Mr Strunsky thinks that the only reason to buy a handgun is to consider murder, then his projection issue paints him as a person who absolutely should not be trusted in the office he holds.

    He should be recalled immediately for publicly displaying mental instability.

  4. On the other hand, if the handgun weren’t so damn handy, it would only be of use to those up to no good, as they CAN plan ahead in a sort of rudimentary fashion, recognizing that in this case a gun can get them more money than a kind word alone. For the intended victim, if the gun isn’t dangerous it is of no use to them, because the bad guys don’t call ahead for a reservation — “I’ll be robbing you on next Tuesday at 5:30 pm. Be sure to have cash on you.” It’s a surprise, political cretin. No one knows ahead of time when they’ll be robbed, except on April 15.

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