It’s a Far Cry from Hunting to Gun Rights

Apparently Justice Kagan is going to try to bag herself an antelope in Wyoming. I’d like to see Justice Kagan come around to the Second Amendment, but there are plenty of people who hunt who have a poor conception of the right. I’m not sure I’d read too much into this, but it is certainly encouraging.

Also, it would seem Dave Hardy has been a busy bee. Both articles sound quite interesting, and the former would certainly be a welcome addition to the cause.

4 thoughts on “It’s a Far Cry from Hunting to Gun Rights”

  1. Hey. At least she probably won’t vote for a complete and total ban…

  2. They need to lend her a MSR, maybe a nice Remington R-15 in an appropriate caliber, for her antelope hunt.

    That’d make a hell of a picture, Kagan with an “assault weapon” using it for a “sporting purpose.”

  3. If she shows up to and enters a three gun match, then I might start to believe she was interested in the Second Amendment. Or writes a majority opinion in favor of gun rights.

    1. She may not be sufficiently physically fit for a three gun match (I have a knee that I’m pretty sure is not up to one); if she simply joins a pro-RKBA opinion I’ll be satisfied. No need for her to stick her neck out further, the blow back from that would be fierce enough as it is.

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