Making the Case Against Obama

CNN is covering the NRA’s stepped up campaign for this election season:

The new commercial charges that Obama is jeopardizing people’s rights to defend themselves and specifically mentions the president’s nominations to the Supreme Court – Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor.

Finally! Bitter is working up some video of the Justice Stevens event, which I’m hoping can show how important the court issue is. Stevens was put on the bench by Gerald Ford, but at the time gun control was still a bipartisan issue. We’ll need to understand the importance of the Court as a movement no matter who controls the White House. It’s worth remembering that Bush wanted Harriet Meyers on the Supreme Court instead of Justice Alito. It was outrage from within the GOP, and among the various interest groups on the right in DC that brought her nomination down. Getting our people primed for a Court fight is one reason I want to see this issue get more coverage than it does.