Data Center Bleg

I’m wondering if anyone out there might live in Bucks or Montgomery County, and have a data center or server room they want to rent, of less than 1000 square feet, or know someone wanting to sublease such space. I’d even take space in an active server room under a sublease. Initially I’d only need room for about two racks of equipment, but the ability to expand to four would be great. I’d prefer not to enter into a traditional co-lo arrangement, because I’d prefer that it be a space not everyone and their mother has access to physically. This is for a new business venture I’m trying to help launch.

7 thoughts on “Data Center Bleg”

  1. Search over at Good guys and should be able to find you what you need for a price you like. They don’t own the space, but have contracts with hundreds around the country. they have already vetted them for you.

  2. I’ll join you in cheers for Macs. I’m close but don’t know any available space for you.

  3. Depending on access needs, private cloud can be quite secure. Access meaning, remote access. There are usually ways to handle data security on the cloud host, encryption schemes and what not.

    Unfortunately, our cloud offering is just Windows, or else I’d offer to help.

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