The Big Tent

This is why I’m not opposed to coalitions for advancing a political agenda. At the RNC, GOProud had one helluva party from the descriptions and pictures. And they found that there are plenty of true Republican believers in the quote attributed to Ronald Reagan that someone who is with you on 80% of your issues isn’t your enemy.

I love the shirt logos – Freedom is Fabulous. Why? Because freedom is fabulous.

And to tie this into the main theme of the blog, there are allies on the gun issue who also stand up for GOProud.

Go-go boys and ladies wearing “freedom is fabulous” T-shirts and disco ball party favors were features of the party, which was attended by conservative players Dana Loesch, S.E. Cupp, Grover Norquist, Will Cain, Margaret Hoover, Roger Stone, Roger Simon and Richard Grenell, along with more than 600 others — including more than a handful of members of the media covering the party. …

In addition to De Pasquale, [David] Keane had signed on as a supporter of the party.

In that list are the NRA President and an NRA board member. That’s good news.

I also think GOProud’s presence in Tampa can serve as a learning opportunity for gun rights activists. When I saw this picture of the head of GOProud, I really only thought one thing: Who would want to hang out with the angry people? There’s not a single anti-gay protester in that shot who looks like they are happy in life or like they are excited to be out standing up for their cause. At the same time, the guy who is being insulted and called a singular threat to national security looks like he’s having a great time. The lesson? People are attracted to those who look like they are having fun and enjoying life. The way to get someone to the range so they can become your local pro-gun ally isn’t by being the grumpy dude bitching about everything that’s horrible in this country.

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  1. Interesting and impressive. I’d always expected GOProud would end up a drab, uptight and carefully inoffensive token minority organization.
    But this party and the positive press it got is a deliberate (and appropriate) insult to the people who didn’t want them there: the group is obviously trying to come out swinging with the old “get used to it!” message, rather than playing the pet minority game.

  2. Gay Republicans? Gee, I wonder what kind of Hate Speech the Left is going to call them. After all, African-American Republicans get called “Uncle Toms.” And you really can’t make it to the Big Time in Communist Hatred until there’s an Official Epitaph.

    But the BIG QUESTION, the one that is MOST IMPORTANT for Gay Republicans is this: 9MM or .45ACP?

  3. Seems they are drawing a line between “Conservative” and “Republican” and trying to work inside the party to get it where they want it to be. That’s something I think they have in common with a lot of gun people. Many of us who vote (R) do so because we want something we seem to call Conservative but that I think is actually a bit more libertarian (small ‘l’ libertarian).

    Either way, they got more in common with the gun people than many realize. Our cause is not openly reviled on the party platform (quite the contrary, actually), but that’s because over years of harping on our cause we eventually beat the parties into submission. The GOProud people are, I think, going the same route. Except they are using Go-Go Dancers and (from the pictures) really hot women, to get their point across.

    I hate to sound like a pig, but I bet hot women and free booze is going to get their word across faster than our slogans.

  4. Looking at the photo I was stunned to see that David Bowie is a Republican . . . and gay. What is Iman doing now?

  5. “There’s not a single anti-gay protester in that shot who looks like they are happy in life or like they are excited to be out standing up for their cause.”

    They look like most anti-gun folks. Just a bunch of sour-pussed curmudgeons.

  6. The republicans have stood by with gun control measures already on the books since the 1930s. They haven’t done anything to oppose the illegitimate operations and policies of the FBI, ATF and CIA regarding firearms (and any number of other private property items). WTF are republicans good for? If you vote republican, what are you good for? Nothing.

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