Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms – Not Just an Agency, Also a Party

The Independence Institute hold an annual event to celebrate adulthood and freedom. As the organization’s president, Jon Caldara, says, “Freedom isn’t allowing people to do things that you approve of, freedom is about protecting people’s right to do things you find distasteful.”

Dave Kopel speaks to the crowd around the 5:45 mark, and he starts off with some familiar statistics and stories about the Illegal Mayors Against Guns working with Mike Bloomberg for gun control. The best part is that these facts aired on C-SPAN.

He mentioned the number of these gun control advocates who have been convicted or under indictment or investigation, as well as the story we broke about the man who Bloomberg claimed supported his agenda more than a year after the mayor died.

Kopel also discusses the culture of violence promoted by Hollywood and spending on corporate welfare instead of issues that really can impact quality of life and public safety for the entire community.