Philadelphia’s Permit Denials

We have a list of approximately 29 names that were listed yesterday, which provides us a handy means of actually looking to see whether there is just reason for denial of a permit for some of these individuals. I will not reprint full names or addresses here, nor will I link to dockets, but I will go through every name and find their court records, which are online in Pennsylvania. Keep in mind that with common names, confusion is possible, and also that there could be out of state records that we don’t have access to.

Name: Daniel
Grounds: “I forgot about a prior arrest which occurred when I was a juvenile. I also did not know that I was permitted to answer any questions regarding expungement.”
Record: I can find no arrest records for this individual, probably because it was a juvenile arrest. Either way, he hasn’t been in trouble since.

Name: Jamal
Grounds: “I was wrongly accused of being a bartender. I was not arrested or charged with any crime.”
Record: I can find no arrest records for this individual. Did they deny him because they didn’t like his profession?

Name: Lawrence
Grounds: “ I am pastor of a church; I carry large sums of money to bank at least 2-3 times a week. As a businessman, I was robbed once. I could very well be a target for the automobile I drive and my appearance..”
Record: I can find no arrest records for this individual. There is an individual by this name in the records, but looking up other public record, it does not match. This individual appears to be a model citizen, based on other found public information.

Name: Albert
Grounds: ” I answered all questions on the gun permit application truthfully. The previous referred to in the denial letter occurred more than thirty years ago.”
Record: Very common name, so hard to tell. There are several by this name in the system with convictions that would bar having an LTC.

Name: Tym
Grounds: “18 PA. Cons. Stat 9124 (6)(1) prohibits consideration of information which was used as the sole grounds for denying my license.”
Record: Arrested in 2010 for Possession of Instrument of Crime, Simple Assault, and Reckless Endangerment. Charges were withdrawn.

Name: Bahir
Grounds: “Your reasoning for disapproving me is speculative and illegal. I am a productive member of society with a family.”
Record: Cited for violation of City Ordinance, having an open container of alcohol in a public place. A menace to all that is good and wholesome in this world, for sure.

Name: Shawn
Grounds: “I failed to mention a citation that occurred in 1996 that I forgot about.”
Record: Can’t find the 1996 citation being spoken about here. Being a common name, I can’t be sure of a match.

Name: Fernandez
Grounds: “I answered truthfully. I didn’t remember the two previous arrests. They were ten years ago.”
Record: There are no records of an arrest ten years ago from now under this name that I can find, but there are two people with serious recent convictions under this name. No way to tell if it’s a match to this appellant.

Name: Duane
Grounds: “I am appealing this because no charges were filed against me. I am a model citizen and I have never been in trouble.”
Record: Arrest in 2006 under this name for conspiracy, burglary, simple assault and reckless endangerment. All charges dismissed.

Name: Hanif
Grounds: “I failed to give truthful answer regarding previous arrest. This was an honest mistake. I did not purposely leave this information out.”
Record: Plead guilty in 2009 to having a rear tail light out, and not having registration on him.  Arrested for aggravated assault, simple assault, possession of instrument of crime, and reckless endangerment  in 2005, with all charges were withdrawn.

Name: John
Grounds: “I gave all truthful answers to the best of my knowledge. I’ve been the best citizen of Philadelphia since my last arrest. I was never a dangerous person.”
Record: There are several people in the system by this name, and it’s hard to tell which one is this appellant.

Name: Craig
Grounds: “I have never been convicted of a crime. I have never been in jail for more than 2-3 days. This is a mistake. I am handicapped and I should have the right to defend myself.”
Record: Can’t find a record anywhere. Could be an out of state record.

Name: Jesse
Grounds: “I don’t think it was right for them to take my license. I was the victim. They came into my home and I shot a warning shot.”
Record: No record under this name in PA.

Name: Catarina
Grounds: I need my license reinstated for work.
Record: No PA court record found.

Name: Philip
Grounds: “Arrest cited was over 18 years ago. Did not realize I had a record until I researched it myself. I was under the notion charge was no longer an issue. I am a CPA, licensed with PA.”
Record: No PA court record found.

Name: Samir
Grounds: I, by mistake, checked off that I was never arrested when I indeed had been.
Record: No PA court record found.

Name: Parmenio
Grounds: “As a business owner, I feel it is necessary for security. There are many Philadelphia residents who don’t have as much of a need to carry but are able to obtain it.”
Record: No PA record found.

Name: Michael
Grounds: I answered the questions to the best of my ability. I did not recall the charges against me in 1987.
Record: No PA record found.

Name: Jose
Grounds: “After completing program, record was supposed to be expunged. I was a teenager.”
Record: Name is way too common.

Name: Brian
Grounds: “The reason why my gun was left in my car was due to the fact that my brother asked me to watch my nephew for a few minutes and I was on my way out. My nephew likes to grab on me and hang on me and I was afraid he would grab my weapon. I never leave my weapon in my vehicle and would never do it again.”
Record: Too common a name

Name: Bradford
Grounds: “The use of my medication has not affected my ability to function normally.”
Record: None found, but this looks like a medical or mental health denial.

Name: Anthony
Grounds: PFA [protection from abuse order] was vacated on 2-12-2012.
Record: Only a traffic offense, but this looks like denial based on a recent PFA order.

Name: Raheem
Grounds: “I disagree that I am an individual who would be likely to act in a manner dangerous to public safety. I am a family man and a father. I think the reason I was denied was unjust and unfair; I forgot the date of a time I was arrested.”
Record: Extremely common name

Name: Pat
Grounds: “I did not know that I had a record for an arrest because I was told at the time it would be expunged. The second time I was released on ROR so I assumed that would also be off my record. I would like to be approved for my permit to carry only to protect myself and family.”
Record: None found in PA courts.

Name: Hannibal
Grounds: Reason for denial is false and misleading. My character is of the highest standard and to be denied my rights as a citizen of the U.S.A. because of false accusations is not a sign of justice, which is one of the fundamental principles laid down by our forefathers.
Record: Arrested on drug charges. Found not guilty.

Name: Joseph
Grounds: “There was a misunderstanding of the two questions I answered ‘no’. My one prior was 1986 and the other was 1992. There was no intent to give the wrong information to the police. I have not been in trouble with the police for over 20 years. Please reevaluate my case.”
Record: Name too common.

Name: Wanda
Grounds: “I didn’t mention the 1985 arrest because I didn’t remember it until it was brought to my attention. There are a lot of things in my past I don’t remember since my brain surgery three years ago. That’s why I was taking up this hobby, because I am no longer able to do my previous hobbies.”
Reason: No PA record found. Though the brain surgery excuse is… odd.

Name: Andrew
Grounds: “The officer took my weapon and permit and stated ‘only drug dealers around that neighborhood carry guns’, and ‘we don’t need guns in this area.’ The officer also stated he will make sure i don’t get either one back ever again. ”
Record: Too common a name

Name: Jimmy
Grounds: “I dont agree.”
Record: No PA record found.

5 thoughts on “Philadelphia’s Permit Denials”

  1. After looking over those revocations and denials, I can only hope for one thing: that this ability is taken away from Philly Police!

  2. If this were any other issue, the left would be SCREAMING “DISPARATE IMPACT!”.

    It is nearly impossible to be black without having an arrest or PFA order somewhere in your past. If you happen to live in a high crime area you are many times more likely to be arrested simply because you are more exposed to police patrols. And poor women often use PFA orders to gain economic leverage against their “baby daddies”, which unfairly gives the PPD an excuse to deny LTCFs based on the “character and reputation” clause.

  3. 2 Pa. C.S. § 752 basically says if the application is denied, one takes it to the Court of Common Pleas, not Philadelphia’s kangaroo court.

    Yes? No?

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