A Newbie Takes on Olympians

The Wall Street Journal sent a guy who had never shot a gun before out to try his hand at skeet and trap with Olympians Corey Cogdell and Frank Thompson. I love that they explain what the sports involve, along with a reminder about safety and addressing a common fear with shooting shotguns – recoil.

5 thoughts on “A Newbie Takes on Olympians”

  1. Note the laughter and smiles. This is why we are winning. Not much laughter and smiles coming from the other side.

    The choice is simple:

    Pro-gun: Fun pastime, self-reliance, individual liberty

    Anti-gun: Hand-wringing, guilt, treated like a child.

    1. Today’s gold medal for Vince Hancock is also good for the shooting sports visually. His attractive wife and adorable baby girl are in London cheering him on, and there are photos popping up of him posed with them and holding his baby. In other words, automatic human interest stories about the gold medal winner and record setter with pictures that make a heart melt.

  2. I watched some of Vince shooting this morning on MSNBC at 10ish.(That made me laugh just a little all by itself) He was a gracious winner and you are right, Bitter, he makes a good ambassador for the sport. I missed the wife and baby portion, I will look it up now that you mentioned it.

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