Chris Christie on Political Grandstanding

He might not be the 2nd Amendment’s best buddy, but I do give him credit for speaking out on the politicization of tragedy:

“People were just killed over the weekend,” he said. “Can we take a deep breath before politicians start sending out press releases? Can we allow the people to be mourned appropriately by their families before you have opportunistic politicians out there trying to make political points in an election year?”


“I’m not going to get into the gun control issue while these people are still waiting to be buried,” he said. “And it may not offend you or bother you, but it offends me and bothers me.”

5 thoughts on “Chris Christie on Political Grandstanding”

  1. Chris Christie on Political Grandstanding

    Well, at least he is bloviating on things he is an expert on which is still better than what the hell most of the rest of the political and media world is capable of.

  2. Let’s say that he wanted to exploit this incident. New Jersey already has just about all the gun laws that the control freaks claim to want. The older version of the Marlin 60 .22 rifle is classified as an assault weapon because its tubular magazine holds too many rounds. Concealed carry license holders? Look for the brown on their noses. And on and on. The only big change would be to ban guns outright, and the Supreme Court said that’s not constitutional.

    All of that being said, his point is correct. Trying to grab political capital from an outrage like this is plain dirty.

    1. Yes, and the libs are still at it. Just finished watching Nightline (ABC) and Terry Moran continued the hackneyed line about four guns and six thousand rounds and fertilizer is regulated, why notlives ammo, etc., etc. Sickening!

      I did appreciate the story on the young gentlemen who saved their ladies’ lives by sacrificing their own! Shades of the gallant men of the Titanic! Perhaps chivalry has returned….?

  3. Yeah, and in the same story, he basically said McDonald was wrong and that states should be able to decide their own firearms laws. The only reason he hasn’t pushed for more gun control is because he has national aspirations. Typical liberal Republican.

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