Winning the Culture War

Ian Argent has more indications that gun rights are going mainstream. They are appearing in mainstream advertising:

I’m going to suggest this ad is going to make many of our opponents in the gun control movement throw up their Moons over My Hammy, which is the best reason in the known universe to go to Denny’s. 9mm is now as American as Apple Pie.

UPDATE: Even more.

16 thoughts on “Winning the Culture War”

  1. I *heart* that the primary actor in the commercial was also in the very civilian gun ownership friendly show Jericho.

    1. I loved that show. What character was he, again?

      A few weeks ago, I heard that there were talks between the network and Netflix of reviving it and having it be shown on Netflix instead of on TV.

  2. I live just outside the DC bubble that Josh and Josh never step out of. The people in that bubble stereotype one cultural group as the only one with any interest in firearms. Guess what cultural group is most stereotypically associated with Denny’s?

    No, Josh and Josh will just interpret this as Denny’s pandering to the base.

    1. There’s a Denny’s in Fairfax on Route 50 literally 1/2 mile from Vienna Virginia/Nutley Road area. Tough to paint that area – which is going to be one of Obama’s primary targets for re-election – as being inhabited by simple minded white conservative gun owning neanderthals.

    2. That means there’s enough of that base to be worth pandering to. Denny’s is a nationwide chain. More on this to come, hopefully tonight, as I marshal some thoughts.

  3. As much as I love this, I did notice that the cut to Grandma could easily be edited out of the commerical without affecting the rest of it. Perfectly sanitized for the California/Mordor market.

    1. … aw c’mon! Mordor is nearly as bad as Cali !! ;^P

      (besides, evidence would suggest that Yes, you can simply walk into California)

    2. In the one I saw on TV, they cut both grandma and the redneck, leaving just the conversation between the dad and his kids.

      1. I assume they cut the bear, then, since it makes no sense without grandma. OTOH, that makes the commercial a lot shorter, and thus cheaper to air.

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