FDA Cracking Down on Cigars

One big problem I have with the Obama Administration, and really the Bush Administration before it, was that the bureaucrats have just gotten out of control. Anyone know if Obama still sneaks out of the oval office for smoke breaks? The dangers of tobacco at this point are well known. This is just bureaucrats trying to expand their little fiefdoms. Conservatives and libertarians often rag on the commerce clause as where we really went off the rails. I disagree. I think the non-delegation doctrine being loosely interpreted has caused far more problems. If we want warning labels, or other ridiculous requirements for cigars, Congress should pass a law. As it is, the Courts have let Congress delegate a substantial, too substantial in my opinion, portion of its lawmaking power to the Executive Branch. I think this is far more dangerous than the expansion of the commerce power, and it’s anti-democratic to boot.

12 thoughts on “FDA Cracking Down on Cigars”

  1. Much like the Assault Soda Ban, the opposition reads a lot like the gun rights points. Our opponents act like the NRA is the only group that does this- everyone else is like “sure, put a bunch of needless bureaucratic regulation on our hobby/livelihood. That sounds great!”

  2. I think both are right: the two doctrines, loosely interpreted, are major causes of our problems. Violations of the Constitution via abuse of the Commerce Clause has been the most obvious problem; I’m still amazed that we don’t see more people who are troubled by the power of government agencies, largely unaccountable to Congress or the People in general, who can set fines, collect them, and then bully enforcement by saying things like “well, sure, we don’t have a warrant to investigate your company for infractions, but if you really want us to, we can get one–and then you’ll be sorry!”

    Our rallying cry (or at least one of them) should very well be “No Regulation Without Representation!”

  3. For the time being, it is still completely legal to grow your own tobacco…and it’s not that hard either. I say screw em…go Galt and let their fiefdoms wither.

    1. Tried that once. Growing’s fine, but harvesting and curing is a real pain, especially in my area. Might be different in the right climate.

  4. Congress did pass a law, 5 years ago. They added the Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) to the FDA, and gave them all sorts of responsibilities and duties.

    The re-authorization is scheduled to pass in September, but maybe earlier.

  5. If we want warning labels, or other ridiculous requirements for cigars, Congress should pass a law.

    No, people should buy their own cigars and attach their own label.

  6. This is a symptom of big government. We have 2 million federal civilian employees (excluding the Post Office). While they aren’t typically an energetic bunch, sooner or later they will find something to do. When they do – we lose liberties, money, etc…

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