Bloomberg’s Nanny State Continues

They want to go after more than just soda, including milk shakes, movie theater popcorn, and other milk beverages. This is why Tam’s latest effort is more important than ever.

5 Responses to “Bloomberg’s Nanny State Continues”

  1. Dannytheman says:

    This type of idiocy only helps us to show Nanny Bloomberg as he truly is to the rest of the word. His credibility has taken a huge hit!! I think this helps us as gun owners!

  2. Sigivald says:

    I continue to be baffled as to why anyone wants to live in New York City.

    I mean, they’ve had the excuse of “all the food”, but Bloomberg seems insistent on taking that away…

  3. TS says:

    It was just last week when Bloomberg was talking about all the things it doesn’t ban- now he wants to ban those too? So it is not that there is an exemption for grocery stores- it is a “loophole” that will be closed later.

  4. Alpheus says:

    We don’t want to ban all your food. Just soft drinks. And once we pass the ban, it’s just a “good start” to not banning all your food.

    Oh, yeah. We want to ban your handguns, too, but not all guns, which ban would also be a “good start” to not banning all guns.

    Why would banning something lead to a slippery slope of banning other things? Naturally, there’s going to be a natural stopping point where “reasonable” bans rest–after all, the slippery slope is just a logical fallacy!

    And never mind that banning sodas, or banning guns, is a line too far…

  5. joated says:

    SWAT teams have been responding to the wrong addresses. NYC City Hall should be their next stop.