4 thoughts on “Bad News for Anti-Gun Folks”

  1. But Ladd just spent an entire weekend at Netroots Nation telling the attendees and Politico that we’re living in such a dangerous time because Obama has allowed too many crazy people to buy guns that should be banned.

  2. The title of this post at first struck me as a bit surreal. However, on second thought, it’s true and just really sad. While all the good and normal people celebrate the reduction of violent crime nationwide, it’s really sad and twisted that the gun control movement mourns it! They are ALWAYS jumping on incidents of violence to push their cause, and it’s clear that low (or lower) crime rates work against their agenda. And it’s clear they don’t give a damn about violence prevention or even reduction. Anyone following the gun control movement is painfully aware of that. Thankfully, more and more people ARE following it.

    Gun control = Sad (and twisted) Panda

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