Cozying Up to the Wrong Group?

Senate hopeful Don Stenberg seems to have put his faith in Gun Owners of America:

Stenberg had hoped to discuss the Fast and Furious investigation and Attorney General Eric Holder at the forum sponsored by Gun Owners of America, the Grand Island Independent reported.

A noble goal, but GOA doesn’t have the turnout machine to fill rooms. and as I’ve shown have questionable grading standards. Either way it goes, this ends up looking bad for gun owners. Sometimes I wish a lot of these smaller groups would understand their own strengths and weaknesses, and work within those. You should have some idea, if you’re a group like GOA, what you can accomplish in terms of turn out. If you fail, as has happened here, it just makes the movement as a whole look bad.

3 thoughts on “Cozying Up to the Wrong Group?”

  1. The GOA is nothing more than the anti NRA crowd and Larry Pratt trying to look important. No one is mentioning them, they are not on any radar, nor are they taken seriously by anyone.

    It seems the GOA is just the extreme of gun owners, most often joined by the open carry crowd who is still rambling about the NRA selling out in 1986.

  2. NFOA members didn’t get emails about Friday’s six town halls until that very morning. Two additional town hall meetings were to have been held this morning, I wonder if these managed to get a turnout.

  3. Going with those small groups Is like voting for Ron Paul. It might make you feel better but it sure helps the opposition. Supreme Court justice Eric Holder! Nuff said

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