Recognizing Foreign Support for NRA & Right to Bear Arms

Internet access has royally sucked in many ways here in St. Louis. I’ve been taking some notes, but I need to clean them up. In the meantime, I did want to get out a little commentary on some action in the member meeting.

One of the four resolutions was to instruct the NRA Secretary to incorporate foreign members of the NRA during the quorum roll call. There was clear support for the resolution. It was proposed by two American brothers who attended the Pittsburgh Annual Meeting last year and met a Life Member from Denmark.

Standing up to support it was a Life member who is a former British police officer. He was a member of British gun groups before he left, but he signed up as an NRA member before he even left the UK. He was tired of watching the guns destroyed, and he said he got really fed up when a kid was stopped and searched in an airport because he wore a Transformers t-shirt that had a ray gun featured on it.

This guy had a shooting vest on with dozens of shooting discipline patches with multiple qualification level patches. He’s a serious shooter who had to flee his home country to participate in the sports he loves.

The resolution was sent to the Bylaws Committee to be cleaned up. However, with David Keene expressing support for passing it, and doing his own recognition for all foreign attendees after the meeting, I would say the chance of passing it is pretty high.

5 thoughts on “Recognizing Foreign Support for NRA & Right to Bear Arms”

  1. I am watching the replay of the “Meeting of the Members” on NRA news. Why was the turn out so poor? Wayne gave a FABULOUS speech, and I am glad I saw it on line, but the crowd shots showed the weak crowd. I was very surprised.

  2. It looked smaller than it was. That part of the convention center is actually a football stadium that houses the Rams. Even if you have a couple of thousand people, when it’s a stadium that holds 70,000, it won’t look like much.

  3. “…a kid was stopped and searched in an airport because he wore a Transformers t-shirt that had a ray gun featured on it…”

    Didn’t England recently conquer most of the globe? What in the hell happened to them???

  4. Thank you, Bitter. That explains it wholeheartedly! I should have looked at the venue it was in. I was thinking it was a basketball stadium. The football stadium is about about 5 times larger!!
    2 dimensional optical illusion!!

  5. I’ve attended approximately fifteen NRA Annual Conventions over the past years including this year in Saint Louis. I was at the meeting when the resolution was presented and it made me feel, for the first time, that I was really a part of this great organization. I am a Benefactor Life Member living in Regina Saskatchewan, Canada and I am looking forward to Houston in 2013. A friend of mine from Regina was also in Saint Louis and he upgraded his membership from Patron to Benefactor while at the Convention. When we were in the NRA Store, we met an individual from Ontario, Canada who was working as an NRA Volunteer at the Convention.

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