10 thoughts on “Justice Scalia’s New Hunting Partner”

  1. I have my doubts as well of the utility of kagan fudd’n it up with scalia but there is one area where this could be a positive. A lot of the laws we have are premised on a reefer madness like view of guns. Have gun, will kill type logic. Her familiarity with some aspects of the sport may insulate her from the more absurd but harder to refute arguments and force the analysis in the courts to deal with objective facts.

    1. Indeed, and to Sage Thrasher point below.

      I think it’s worth pointing out that Kagan, Obama and for that matter myself are all about the same age and we’re too young to be cultural Baby Boomers. Obama is notoriously not into the culture wars that obsessed the Clintons, Kagan was very nice WRT to the younger Volokh brother when he founded a Harvard Law School shooting society or whatever (then again she’s said to be a nice person, period) … these people are or are possibly anti-gun but not viscerally so like Bill Clinton.

  2. He’s taken her skeet shooting as well–really the best thing to do with anybody you want to teach about firearms. We should all follow Scalia’s example in expanding participation in the sporting side of gun owning.

  3. Providing she doesn’t have a “Cheney” accident on Justice Scalia, this is a positive. Remember to teach the 4 rules of gun safety.

  4. Call me when Justice Kagan starts running three-gun matches. (Or shows up at Knob Creek.)

  5. So she may now argue that you only need certain firearms that have a sporting purpose? Or that only certain people need access to these? Dont trust her any more than the man who put her in.

  6. Scalia needs to provide her the gun in DC and have the travel go through Chicago or Newark with an overnight layover.

  7. The best thing we could have happen is Scalia talk her into buying a firearm and Kagan running afoul of some silly law. Like .22 LR hollow points in New Jersey.

    But shooting is fun. And fun takes away fear. I believe Justice Scalia is doing the wisest thing he could.

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