How the Zimmerman Case Could Affect SYG

From PBS News Hour:

Martin, who was black, was on his way to a convenience store in a mostly white gated community when George Zimmerman, who is white, shot and killed him after a disputed altercation. Martin, who was carrying only candy and a soft drink, was discovered by police lying face down in the grass. Zimmerman was briefly taken into custody, but has not been arrested.

That’s as far as I need to read to know they aren’t interested in reporting facts, only the myths generated in the wake of this.

18 thoughts on “How the Zimmerman Case Could Affect SYG”

  1. Wait…he was on his way TO a convenience store? Then why does he already have candy and a soft drink. The “fact” timeline and bias is clear – you’re correct!

  2. Not to mention the pesky little fact that the neighborhood has been reported to be 49% white, 51% black/Hispanic. Oops. Has the Skittles and Tea narrative been independently verified? I’m under the impression that its source is the Martin family’s lawyer…

    1. Did the family through their lawyers say he had them, or that he was going to get them? Which could have been a white lie (am I allowed to use that term nowadays?) since he spent a lot of the time talking to his girlfriend, or he could have bought whatever and consumed it on his way back (it’s been commented that snacks around hungry teens don’t tend to last long).

  3. The narrative has changed to TO A CONVENIENCE STORE because I, among others, have been yelling for the video tape of Martin in the store. They don’t have it because Martin did not run miles in the rain for friggin’ Skittles.

    1. I’ll bet you there isn’t any video available because the case didn’t become a cause célèbre until long after it would have been routinely overwritten. As a matter of law, Martin’s activities of this sort prior to the confrontation are irrelevant, even if the police had been told this by the family at the time.

      I would expect register paper to still be available.

      1. Wow. You guys are still putting the victim on trial over where he was. Why the hell was Zimmerman carrying a gun to go to Target?????????? From what I understand he was NOT on neighborhood patrol that night, so why was he not near his house?

        1. because he had a permit to carry. Duh??? I carry while I am inside my damn home. I can’t carry at work, but otherwise, I am always armed.

        2. Ditto, if I’m outside I’m carrying unless I’m going to a prohibited place.

          ephilly, if you can’t understand why people like us “guys” routinely and peaceably carry concealed, you don’t have much of a chance of putting yourself in Zimmerman’s shoes and seeing things from his perspective.

        3. Also on a fundamental level is who, legally, is the victim. Each side has lawyers claiming their clients are the victim here.

          And part of an investigation is to verify the account of facts as prestented by either side.

          Your statement is also a non sequitur because Zimmerman does not deny he was carrying. A better comparison would be to point to a statement of questionable veracity put forth by Zimmerman’s reps.

        4. You’re making the assumption that Martin is the victim. It hasn’t been determined yet who the aggressor was, only that there was a fight and one is dead. Let’s wait until the investigation and/or trial is over before making any more assumptions.

  4. Suprised that a clerk from some nearby convienence store hasn’t come forward and said he recognized lil’ Trayvon’s from his picture. I would LIKE to think that the Sanford PD would have gone around showing the picture. “Course maybe that’s just another lie from the Martin’s lawyer.

    1. I know that *I* couldn’t recognise Trayvon Martin from the pictures published in the press reports.

      I don’t blame any convenience store clerk who says, “THAT was the guy they were looking for?”

      1. Yeah, that’s right. Even the most common version of him in a hoodie seriously Photoshopped his the skin of his face. The most common picture when he was 11 or so? I don’t think so….

    2. I have trouble telling my sisters apart in photos, never mind complete strangers.

  5. If Trayvon was such an innocent 17 year old, then what was he doing out that time of night without parental supervision. That could have prevented EVERYTHING. Or even better, No its to late to go to the store. Insted like always, the black community wants to turn this into a racial matter. Yet in my life, the black community ARE the racists! This unfortunate situation has nothing to do with color! It has do with BAD parenting!

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