Thoughts and Prayers for Texas Folks

Big tornados ripped through yesterday. A bit worried that the last thing we heard from Traction Control in Arlington was “Rain, hail and thunder have just started.” We sincerely hope any readers in the area made it through things unscathed.

That’s one thing I like about living here, is that we’re not too crazy on natural disasters. We might get blizzards sometimes, and the occasional remnants of a hurricane that brings torrential downpours, but nothing life threatening. Just about every other place I’d consider living has something. Texas? Hurricanes and Tornadoes. Florida? Hurricanes. Washington State? Earthquakes and the occasional volcano. Colorado? Hmm. Colorado might be fairly natural disaster free in most of the places that have tech jobs. Sure blizzards, but I’m used to that.

8 thoughts on “Thoughts and Prayers for Texas Folks”

  1. “What you be speaking????”

    Seriously, I live about 2 hours from you and in 2011 we endured the following:

    – A tornado (literally between mine and the neighbor’s house)
    – Hurricane Irene
    – Massive Flooding (courtesy of Tropical Storm Lee on Irene’s butt)
    – Earthquake


  2. It was in southwest Arlington that had the damage. A lot of homes and autos damaged or destroyed. Power and phones out there. I live 30 miles from there everything Ok in my area.

  3. Only some parts of Texas have to worry about Hurricanes; by the time they get to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, they are just a heavy rain.

    Of course we also have to worry about wild fires and droughts.

    So far it looks like the DFW area got off incredible light, 7 injured and no reported fatalities.

    My family came through with no problems, no damage, not even a power loss.

    Thanks for the prayers for the people in the area.

    1. Yeah, in the pictures I’ve seen so far including a Reuters slide show (see below) the worst looks about EF2, a bit more than hit my once and future apartment complex. The hail was bad and I gather it shut down DFW with over 100 planes being damaged; I’m very glad the damage overall appears to relatively light with few casualties.

      This still from the slide show of a trailer > 100 feet in the air I’d guess is impressive.

  4. One of the tornadoes came to within about 5 miles of my house but luckily it went east towards Mesquite so we just got a lot of rain (which is always good for Dallas). As for the natural disasters while we get tornadoes here in Dallas we don’t really get Hurricanes as we are far enough from the coasts at most I have seen is really a tropical storm or a tropical depression if it hits down there. And I am not sure that places like Houston that get hurricanes get Tornadoes so probably most of us only face one of the 2 disasters.

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