The Best Self-Defense Gun

Is the one you have. In the end of this story, the perp still ended up making the mistake of bringing a ninja sword to a gunfight.

4 Responses to “The Best Self-Defense Gun”

  1. Yup. People in Idaho laugh at the Colt Mustang that I carry, and the Colt .380 that my wife carries, but the gun you have with you is far better than the better gun you don’t have.

    • Jesse says:

      This to a T. I had a friend ask me about getting a carry weapon and his friends were telling him to get a 1911 and I said the 1911 in full size is heavy. If you feel comfortable carrying it fine but if you are going to tell yourself “It’s too heavy for me to carry when I’m going blah” then it’s no good.

  2. MAJ Mike says:

    Sword!?! Idiot! I carry a Roman pilum. It allows me to reach out and touch someone.

  3. Brad says:

    Single action mouse guns rule! DAO sucks.