Another Opinion Favoring the Right to Carry

Another interesting opinion coming out of the 4th circuit, which recognizes a right to carry, while upholding a prohibition on carrying on behalf of a felon who employes you. I think this is great constitutional news, since we have yet another court saying there is a right to carry. But I had never really considered this language in 922(h). If you work for a large corporation, then you’re employed by the corporation rather than a person. But what if you’re employed by a person who was convicted of insider trading? Could you be prosecuted for carrying a firearm to work for self-protection? Or is that possession not considered in the course of employment?

4 Responses to “Another Opinion Favoring the Right to Carry”

  1. Gene Hoffman says:

    Minor nit – this is a District Court in West Virginia so it’s the 4th Circuit which is the same circuit as Woolard.

    But I have to say… Maybe this whole carry strategy might be a good idea? /sarcasm.


    • Sebastian says:

      I’m not sure I’ve ever argued it wasn’t a good idea. It certainly sure to work better than the kitchen sink approach.

  2. Hank Archer says:

    If you can’t carry a firearm if your employer is a felon, doesn’t that disarm the cops in most of the MAIG Mayors’ cities?

  3. Gene Hoffman says:


    My snark above was not meant to be directed at you. More just bemusement at the level of resistance that the national carry strategy faced from our side and how even beginning to win is being resisted out of some odd form of self immolating pessimism.

    On to appeals!