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My apologizes for the light posting today, when there’s a good bit going on. My grill arrived this afternoon, and begged to be put together. I ordered it Tuesday, and it arrived today. Amazon Prime is awesome. Sadly the weather today was kind of lousy, so tonight wasn’t the night for the inaugural cookout, and I had planned to make a big pot of chili that will be lunch for the next several days. I decided on the Weber Spirit E320, which isn’t often sold in stores. I love my Smokey Mountain, so I decided when our last 150 dollar Lowes special rusted out, I’d go for something of higher quality. It was a snap to put together, and feels like a much more solid grill. I think Weber makes good stuff.

But either way, putting together the grill has to either cut into blog time or work time, and work pays a lot better by the hour. Plus, I’m trying to move my monstrosity to the mansion (my other office, that’s not my home office) tomorrow, and have to do a few things with the old job tomorrow that somewhat relate to the new job (don’t ask how). I’m running a small HA cluster in my loft right now, which is getting warm. I’m afraid of my electric bill if I don’t make the move soon, like tomorrow.

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  1. The good news about running a server cluster in your house is the gas bill gets a lot nicer, because the thermal efficiency of resistance heat is 100%. The bad news is that resistance heat has a coefficient of performance of 1 (as compared to a heat pump at 3.5 to 4). So your electric bill makes up for that drop quite nicely, and then some.

  2. Gas, oh no. I switched to charcoal last year and it’s more fun and cooks food much better.

    Hank hill was wrong about propane.

    1. We grill too much for me to take the time to get a fire going, then get the grill to come up to temperature. Much easier to hit an ignitor and wait a few minutes for the grill to heat up.

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