Red Jersey?

Well, it’s really looking more purplish, but hey, this is New Jersey:

But thanks to the new map, the [Democratic] party will likely lose its current edge in the House delegation. Unless Democrats can pick off a seat, the new makeup will likely be six Republicans and six Democrats in 2013.

A split delegation for New Jersey? Wow. This is good for the state. If anyone wants to see the end result of continuous, long-running one party dominance, one need look no further than California. New Jersey has at least made it past the first stage of the compulsive spender, which is accepting there is a problem. California is still in denial.

h/t Instapundit

3 thoughts on “Red Jersey?”

  1. The suburb and rural areas of NJ are very conservative – we just get outvoted by the cities in some of the state-wide elections. Senator Bob Menendez is very vulnerable if the Republicans nominate a good candidate (Steve Forbes would be my choice).

    Scott Garrett is my Rep. – He’s a member of the Liberty caucus and one of the most fiscally conservative guys in Congress.

  2. Need to get the state (and federal) constitution changed so that the make up is required to be 50/50. The less these guys get done the better. I love a do nothing deadlocked congress.

  3. I thought NJ was more like Nazi Black than red……..

    Why I left (and still hate) the state of NJ.

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