Great Dirty Minds Think Alike

I just can’t help it. This is a great headline find by Wyatt:

USAF’s Big Penetrator Needs To Be Harder

I just… There’s not much else that can be said.

9 Responses to “Great Dirty Minds Think Alike”

  1. Stew says:

    That’s what SHE said.

  2. Zermoid says:

    Oh Lord!
    I couldn’t come up with a better hilarious topic if I tried!
    Do they actually READ what they write???

  3. I didn’t know that Adam and Eve Stores had been authorized as a defense contractor!

  4. GMC70 says:

    Reminds me of the headline some years ago in my state. In Topeka, Kansas two of the big high schools were (and still are) Topeka High, mascot the Trojans; and Topeka Seaman.

    After the big game (yes, it’s a true story) the headline: “Trojans Stop Seaman.”

    An accident? I think not.

  5. AughtSix says:

    I think the headline writer knew darn well what he was writing. The article says, “This has prompted the Pentagon to secretly ask lawmakers for $82 million to improve the bomb’s penetrating power. The MOP is getting Viagra.”

  6. Braden Lynch says:

    I thought this was a case of Markley’s Law and the the U.S. Government was just trying to compensate for our lack of a “manly” foreign policy.

    It’s like a Theodore Roosevelt quote about our country having a Big Stick or something like that.

  7. Awelowynt says:

    In the short-run, wouldn’t a more effective plan be to go for a double penetration and put one in the same hole the other started?


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