10 thoughts on “Great Dirty Minds Think Alike”

  1. Oh Lord!
    I couldn’t come up with a better hilarious topic if I tried!
    Do they actually READ what they write???

  2. Reminds me of the headline some years ago in my state. In Topeka, Kansas two of the big high schools were (and still are) Topeka High, mascot the Trojans; and Topeka Seaman.

    After the big game (yes, it’s a true story) the headline: “Trojans Stop Seaman.”

    An accident? I think not.

  3. I think the headline writer knew darn well what he was writing. The article says, “This has prompted the Pentagon to secretly ask lawmakers for $82 million to improve the bomb’s penetrating power. The MOP is getting Viagra.”

  4. I thought this was a case of Markley’s Law and the the U.S. Government was just trying to compensate for our lack of a “manly” foreign policy.

    It’s like a Theodore Roosevelt quote about our country having a Big Stick or something like that.

  5. In the short-run, wouldn’t a more effective plan be to go for a double penetration and put one in the same hole the other started?

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