Happy Bill of Rights Day!

What are you doing to celebrate?

I think I’ll put on a bottle of wine to chill for tonight. I realize that the 21st amendment isn’t part of the original 10, but those first 10 are worthy of a toast.

The link above goes to an organization that works with teachers to develop thorough lesson plans on the Bill of Rights & constitutional issues. If we want to create a legacy of freedom, getting into the classrooms is absolutely vital. If you are interested in helping to get the ideas about liberty and personal freedom into the classrooms, consider making a tax-deductible donation or picking up some items from their store. (Pocket constitutions make great stocking stuffers!)

And, perhaps more importantly than considering a donation, if you know a teacher, send them this link to free lesson plans. I did! Considering this fairly new teacher used to ask me who she should vote for when she was in high school & college, I figure those lesson plans may very well end up influencing a couple of dozen students every year for the rest of her teaching career. That’s impact.