Sunday Hunting Controversy Hitting Philly Papers

Sounds like they are surprised such a thing exists at all, but they note:

Evans’ committee meets Dec. 14 with an agenda “to be announced.” He and Murphy tell me of compromise efforts to allow hunting some Sundays on some lands, maybe state game lands.

But Rotz says: “No. We don’t have any compromise position.” And Evans admits: “A lot of our members are very afraid of the Farm Bureau.”

The Farm Bureau pretty obviously doesn’t support hunting. Why isn’t allowing it on public land a reasonable compromise? The Farm Bureau only represents a small fraction of farms in this state, from what I understand. This shouldn’t even really be an issue.

One thought on “Sunday Hunting Controversy Hitting Philly Papers”

  1. Maybe it has to do with the farmers who are poaching on Sundays. There are so may exceptions that let them take dozens of deer a year under the guise of protecting crops. All the farmers around me are taking deer on Sundays. When you hear just one large caliber shot on a Sunday, you know what they’re doing.

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