The Irony, It Burns

I could fisk this editorial from the Philly Inquirer about the evils of concealed carry reciprocity. But most of you have heard those arguments before. Instead, I’ll just highlight a relevant point compared with some other news from today.

The NRA and its acolytes in Congress argue that this measure simply brings a degree of uniformity to concealed-carry permits in much the same way as one state honors another’s drivers’ licenses.

But the stakes are much higher, since making the right determination about who should – and should not – carry a gun is a potential matter of life and death to a degree unmatched by rules about who gets to slide behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Follow that with a report from the front lines in Philly about their crime problems:

With last night’s vehicular homicide, the kill tally in #Philly is now 302.

I look forward to tomorrow’s editorial calling for the end to the “49 state loophole” that allows drivers from other states to come into Pennsylvania with their tools of death (aka cars) that are too dangerous for Philadelphia’s streets.

4 thoughts on “The Irony, It Burns”

  1. It’s remarkable to behold the conversion of so many anti-gunowner advocates to the principle that gun laws should be left to the states.

    I look forward to their opposition to any additional federal gun control laws.

  2. And don’t forget about those high capacity assult busses!

    I mean, who needs a vehicle that can hold 65 people! We should ban all vehicles that hold more than 10 people.

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