HR822 Up For Full House Vote Tomorrow

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Time to get calling your reps, because the bill goes up for a vote tomorrow. It is expected to pass, and hopefully it will pass smoothly. I would emphasize to your rep that you want a clean bill. I would say this goes double if you live in Jim Gerlach’s or Pat Meehan’s district, neither of whom are co-sponsoring the bill. Both carry NRA endorsement, so I am presuming they will vote yes, but don’t ever count on the endorsement convincing them to do the right thing. The opposition is currently going wild. Bloomberg is on the radio trying to whip up hysterics ahead of the vote:

“But unfortunately the group of people who think everybody should be carrying guns, including children and people with psychiatric problems and people with criminal records still have an enormous amount of power.”

“Some states you can have an enormous crimincal record and psycholgoical problems and be ten years old and be able to get a gun”

Also, in some states, I hear they’ll give permits to carry to dogs, cats, and ferrets. Hand to God! Of course, none of this is true, but what’s truth when it comes to achieving your agenda? The podcast Bloomberg appeared on can be found here.

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  1. I hear that some states will give permits to aliens(not the human kind). Leave it to Bloomberg to have to lie out his ass to try and get what he wants.

  2. Clicked to soon!!

    I wanted to preference that Congressman Meehan Springfield office phone was answered by Andrew. I told Andrew my name and reason for my call. I also mentioned I had sent an e mail, and that Pat had not co sponsored the House resolution. I also asked if others had been calling, he answered, “Yes, quite a few”! I then asked if he had any indication of the way the Congressman was leaning, he answered, “I have no idea”!
    I mentioned my disappointment with Pat not being a cosponsor and told him I would appreciate passing along my thoughts.
    I had to tell him where I lived and that I was a voting constituent, he never asked. (That bothers me)

    1. I’d be wary of that. The reason for excluding Illinois is to keep it more inline with Heller. To push it on IL would be to create a right to carry concealed. Granted, you can make a case, but the safer bet is the way the bill works now.

  3. I have called Meehan’s office several times but I’m not holding out any hope that he will vote in favor of ‘822.

    Besides being a RINO Meehan is a former prosecutor. Prosecutors (from my experience) tend to see a world composed of Cops, Criminals and POTENTIAL Criminals. As a prosecutor I don’t have any hope that he will actually try to protect my rights.

  4. I contacted Gerlach some time ago about his failure to cosponsor the bill. His response essentially claimed something about cosponsorship being a waste of time, but that he would definitely vote for it when the time came (this is all paraphrased from my memory of a letter from many months ago).

  5. Until someone says the Senate has a path forward, I think this has moved to the red-meat for the masses category of election-year politicking. I am a big supporter of the bill and have worked directly with some of the sponsors in the past, but don’t think it is going to happen this year. It sat too long.

    Obama will veto it in stand-alone form. It all depends on what the Senate can do. I think their options to attach to another bill are really small right now.

    1. Yeah, it is pretty much. But there’s value in that from our side too, because you can help separate friend from foe. It’s always good to push forward, and make legislators take a position. It lets you know what needs to be changed next election.

  6. This is a very important bill to be going to the Senate in the 2012 election cycle. 1/3 of the Senate is up for re-election – make them explain a vote against freedom

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