Is Wisconsin Still There?

Shall-issue Concealed Carry takes effect today, and by the predictions of our opponents, the storm drains and rivers should be running a dark shade of red, and the corpses should be piling up on the sidewalks. I feel for those of you on the other side of the wire. I know it’s rough, but hang in there. Pretty soon those irresponsible and dangerous gun owners will run out of bullets for their shooting spree.

The Madison paper speaks about a change in lifestyle, but otherwise does a pretty decent job of describing the new process. Bishops in Wisconsin are concerned about people bringing weapons into church, and though they won’t force churches to post, they are asking parishioners not to carry in church. The local NBC News station actually covers the topic very well, I think. They report gun sales are way up in Wisconsin, probably as people buy pistols appropriate for concealed carry.

2 thoughts on “Is Wisconsin Still There?”

  1. We’re still here. Having a great time talking about it on local conservative radio. Some stores have put up the no-guns-allowed signs and will be avoided by me.

  2. Haven’t had time to check. I’ve been too busy filling up sandbags to stem the tide of blood that’s been running through the streets of Arizona ever since we went to permit-free concealed carry.

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