Live Blogging the Philly OC Trial

From What Starts with W. For those of you who might not remember, this is the case of the guy made to eat pavement for OCing a pistol down the streets of Philadelphia while in possession of a valid License to Carry. You can see the YouTube video that started it all here.

Apparently the verdict is not guilty. He was charged with reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct. I sincerely hope this helps his Civil Rights lawsuit.

9 thoughts on “Live Blogging the Philly OC Trial”

  1. Great news. I hope everyone learns from this incident. I also hope the Philadelphia powers that be learn what our rights are so they can not be infringed.

    There is a time where PA was getting like NJ, arrest people, let them prove their innocence vs the city proving they are guilty.

  2. That is great news. Unfortunately Philadelphia won’t learn a thing from it. Nothing will change until we change the Qualified Immunity laws protecting cops.

  3. I may not like his tactics but I hate the PPD and hope is sues the living crap out of that shithole city.

  4. Now, just think. If Mark lived in Philly they would use the arrest as grounds for denying a LTCF even though he was not guilty of all charges.

  5. Can anyone confirm that the despicable Bryan Lentz (former State rep. from Delco & former congressional candidate) was the Assistant DA who prosecuted this case? If so then Lentz is an even bigger Piece of Sh*T than I imagined him to be.

  6. The real shame in all of this is that this cop still has a job while there are probably tens of thousands of unemployed people who would be happy to take his place.

  7. Philadelphia has long thought it was above the State, and the State’s laws, Guess it needs smacked down AGAIN.

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