Campus Carry …

who needs it?

5 Responses to “Campus Carry …”

  1. Overthetop says:

    As an evening student at Temple Law School, I would love to not be wandering around North Philly at 9:30p unarmed…

  2. DevsAdvocate says:

    Not a great example of a pro-CCW story… the two kids left the bar and may have been drunk (except maybe the 19 year old). Even in the most pro-gun states, carrying a gun under the influence is a bad idea.

  3. Jake says:

    I have to agree with DevsAdvocate on this one: While it is certainly a valid example, it’s also not a great example. In addition to the point he makes, most states would not allow the (theoretically) sober 19 year old to carry concealed anyway, due to her age (not right, but a separate issue).

    I would also assume that “just outside a bar” means it occurred off campus. Now, if they lived on campus, they would certainly be disarmed under university policy, but if they lived off campus they would only be affected if they were going to or from campus – not usual for students out socializing at night.

  4. David says:

    This did not happen on campus, and what was a 19 year old doing in the bar?


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